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The dirty little secret in the 2012 movie Liberal Arts was revealed by the aging, retiring professor of Kenyon College to his much younger protege, “No one ever thinks of himself as an adult.” This revelation was provided to inform his protege, who faced a once in a lifetime opportunity: the unasked for but temptingly desirable interests of a lovely college coed sixteen years his younger. The cliff hanger? Will the professor eventually succeed in convincing his protege not to take the bait?

There are other dirty little secrets in life, such as this one. High disapproval numbers gauge how successfully a politician or celebrity has offended the status quo. I came upon this dirty little secret after considering for a little while, “How is it Trump won his party’s highest prize despite receiving the highest disapproval numbers in survey after survey? Other similar quandaries. The Beatles had very high disapproval numbers, but quickly caught on like wildfire this side of the pond. Before the Beatles the hype was all about Elvis. His hip motions and gyrations earned him Uber high dis approvals, even while taxis were still the rage. The result? The highest record sales. Those record record sales might correspond with the great number of votes Trump earned to win his party’s nomination, despite the record level of dis approvals he earned by offending the status quo: the ones who frequently remind us they are the adults in the room. So far everything fits. Before the Beatles and Elvis, Jesus.

Ever wonder how Jesus was so popular with the ever growing crowds, the masses? Yet the prophecy from Isaiah, this little phrase, “to him (Messiah) who was despised and abhorred by the nation,” Notice how the passage was fulfilled in the New Testament. It is recorded the rulers hesitated to arrest Jesus for fear of the masses. Not everyone will take note of this little oddity, seeing it’s a 2000 year old example of a man’s success measured in terms of offenses to the status quo. But here is what the rulers said, “If we let him (Jesus) go on like this, everyone will believe in him, and then the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.” Our place: their precarious positions of power and influence as rulers of the nation run by the establishment Romans (of both parties.)

Now it might be argued, Donald Trump is no Jesus. He’s not. According to some he is more like a rock star. So let’s compare Trump more appropriately to Elvis and the Beatles. We can start with Trump’s potential of incredibly high offenses against the status quo. Then add successful marketing capitalizing on, or in some instances minimizing, those offenses. Log lots of air time. Win lots and lots of votes or achieve blockbuster record sales…. Wow. Yuge results. One would think Hydrox Cookies had returned, or A&P Spanish Bar Cake was back on the shelves. Imagine the parties!

Just who commissions disapproval numbers surveys? Who pays for them? Who attempts to convince us everyday the disapproval numbers are about the targeted candidate (Trump,) deflecting us from understanding they actually indicate the level of (Trump) voter discontent with the status quo (Rove? Kristol? Bush? Ryan? McConnell? Reid?) It is they and others of power and influence who commission, pay for, flaunt, and pontificate on a candidate’s sadly unfortunate state of a “disconnect” with the voters. Another dirty little secret is out: If the status quo stinks to high Heaven, only the candidate with high disapprovals can win. (Hillary is another story. Altogether. She is the status quo, stinks all by herself, and has no one else to blame for her record high dis approvals.)

Another closely related issue. We need another investigation, immediately, to learn who came up with the inane argument, “Votes for Cruz, Kasich, Carson or any other candidate are a vote against Trump; but are not votes against any of them. Over and over again it was reported, something like this, “Only 40% of the voters voted for Trump. 60% voted against Trump.” We never heard, “Only 30% of the voters voted for Cruz. 70% voted against Cruz.” Nor did we hear, “Only 20% of the voters voted for Rubio. 80% voted against Rubio.” And never, ever did we hear, “Only 15% voted for Kasich. 85% hated and despised Kasich.”

No. Stop. Quit arguing, “But Trump’s high unapprovals. No one likes him. We can cite the above only about Trump, not the others, because Trump has the highest unapproval numbers.” Well. If you insist, please return to the top of the page for further recommendations.

Messiah quote: from Isaiah 49:7 NIV

Jesus quote: John 11:48 NIV


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