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“Virtual Guerrilla Warfare with No Historical Precedent…”

For more than two decades, Vigileaks has researched to the max the young American males involved in mass shootings.

Always the same age group – 18 to 26 – they are usually White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males (with a token Jewish male in the same group, the mass murderer in Arizona).

Vigileaks was in Omaha the day the mass shooting occurred there and was speaking on a lecture tour in Oregon the day of the Colorado mass murder shootings.  These and more overflow the Vigileaks research archives.

Because of my research contacts – the best in the world, all dead now – it was determined in each and every case there was a degree of intentional Mind Control over the Internet which caused these:

Disturbed young white males with common-denominator psychological profiles, most susceptible to targeted Internet-induced mind control. Criminal globalists use the same old tricks for the same old reasons:

A. Bring the disturbed white male to the media forefront B. The usual Gun Control plea, which CBS could not do enough of yesterday C. Make the nation’s greatest problems to be white males D. Call attention away from all the very serious problems globalist-Marxist Multiculturalism is causing.

Instead of overt forces at Waco, we again see a disturbed young white male as the nation’s greatest concern. And… Just as there is no historical precedent for identifying and combating weaponized weather, Americans also have no historical precedent for identifying and combating weaponized young-male mind control. It’s all very real and very, very elusive…

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