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Hillary Clinton has been under the illusion for 30 years or more that she is owed the Presidency of the United States of America because she is a woman.

Hillary you are a liar, totally corrupt and crooked as a snake crawling on the ground.  You have no morals, shame, pride, ethics in anything you have ever been involved in.  You refuse to answer questions in any way.  You are constantly caught in lies from your past and you cover them up with more lies.

You hate everybody that comes in contact with you and it has been confirmed for many years that you cuss like a drunken sailor behind peoples backs.  You have lied about your health, you refuse to talk about America’s debt, immigration problems, taxes and your belief in God.

Hillary only hard core democrats, fools, idiots, people receiving government welfare checks and useless people that have no interest in contributing to society are your supporters other than the rich donors that want favors from you because you peddle your ass to them in return for selling out to America.

Ms. Clinton your husband is a sexual pervert, rapist and sick individual whom disgraced the Oval Office.  You praise him instead of helping him receive help for his problems.  I promise you if it had been my Daughter whom he raped, Secret Service or no Secret Service he would have paid the price for what he has done to these women.

Hillary, we the people, the voters, the citizens owe you nothing as you have disgraced our Country long enough,  You serve only for yourself and for your benefit.  In comments you have made you confirmed that you have no respect, need or desire for the Middle Class of America, we can only imagine what you think of really poor people who never had a chance to succeed.

In essence Ms. Clinton America owes you not a damn thing other than jail time for corruption, treason and the people you have hurt or destroyed in your career of “LYING AND DENYING” to get to the White House Oval Office. I encourage you to get on your knees and ask for forgiveness from God and the American People.  This may make a difference in your life.


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