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With all the finger pointing, blame and so called deception, it is interesting to contemplate what the real desired outcome is among the deniers of this election. We have heard over and over the blame of the Hillary camp. First it was the “Comey” revelation, then the alt right excuse, now they’re pulling out the stops and blaming the Russians!


It’s time to drop the excuses, accept the election outcome and bow out gracefully! The left is playing  like this is the last American election ever, and the line up of nay-sayers and deniers are fueled by the lame stream media. These hacks who are in a panic mode because the truth is going to be told and the lies and deception will be exposed and the American people will see justice served. Makes you wonder whether the left really are Americans?


The true Americans place nation above ideology and we are not seeing even the slightest inkling of this among the cry babies screaming “foul.” We’re not hearing what’s best for America, what’s best for our culture,way of life, children etc. All we hear is how the system is rigged, the election was hacked, our side was cheated, how the “people” must have voted socialism in the Hillary camp and are being denied the chance to make it work..( doesn’t and never has) just look at the countless millions of murdered,oppressed people who have this failed ideology forced open them by the globalists and elitists! Hey Democrats.. really care about America? Stop crying, embrace the fact you lost this election, find a suitable candidate, help make America great again, and ready yourselves and your party for the next election!


If you desire to shoot yourselves in the foot, ruin any chance of a future victory, and forever denigrate the Democratic Party, just keep on choosing criminals that fuel your selfish ideology, keep electing traitors and liars that hate this nation and would rather have their selfish way rather than putting America back on course! You decide…. we did!


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