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Our new president must be doing something right. His favorability rating last August was just 35%. Today, despite all the whining and complaining from the losers, his favorables are at 50%!

Contrast that with Obama’s average during his two terms of 48%. He’s had plenty of time, and all the resources of the federal government at his disposal to use to bring his favorability ratings up. Yet eight times during his term he was as low as 38%.
So what has Trump done to endear himself to the American people in the five weeks since his election? He has acted more presidential than the president. And he has accomplished more in terms of keeping American jobs in America in that 5 weeks than Obama did in 8 years!
We know about the deals with Ford and Carrier to keep plants in the United States. And undoubtedly, President-Elect Trump has many other such deals in the works that will be announced when they are complete. In addition, just by promising to lower our corporate tax rate from the highest in the world to one of the lowest, he has major corporations talking about bringing jobs and money back to the United States.
America has never had a president like Donald Trump.While Obama plays golf, Trump is working hard to make America great again – even before he takes office. No wonder most Americans (even many who didn’t vote for him) love him!
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