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Most people on both sides of the fence got pretty upset when Juicy Someidiot got caught red handed deceiving the entire nation with false tales of violent racism. Much like The New Black Panthers back in 2008, someone decided not to prosecute and Juicy escaped punishment. This is how a prominent Black man is treated even after clearly committing a string of serious crimes he never came clean about. So how would a White guy get treated?

There is this story I read in the news today about another star, a star on YouTube. Apparently a half dozen young female fans in the neighborhood of 14 – 15 years old decided to go that extra mile to prove their loyalty to a 22 year old dandy YouTuber.

Before we get too into this let’s make one thing perfectly clear. No matter who you speak to on the internet, there is really no way of knowing how old someone is and in many cases what sex they are. That is the truth about the internet. People, especially females pretend to be older or younger all the time and unless you’re on Skype with a 60 year old pretending to be 16 you should always assume everyone is as full of crap as your 60 year old. If you don’t know that you probably shouldn’t be on the internet. I sold a car once to an Asian couple who I thought were in their mid teens and as it turned out they were in their mid 30’s. I felt pretty stupid after asking them for ID before the test ride.

There are also a plethora of online communities some of which are as sweet as homemade apple pie at grandmas house while others are so creepy George Martins jaw would drop in astonishment. Technology has gotten to the point that people are living completely different lives online than they would offline with some pretty realistic looking characters. In a sense these are games but the only goal is to live on these platforms and many people do. Some of these online worlds have adult areas.

Adult online play has gotten very realistic. You can create any look down to the smallest detail. Realistic looking and behaving genitals (relatively speaking) as well as the opportunity to get pregnant and go through the stages of pregnancy. What do “adults” do in these adult play areas? Much of it is innocent enough with people meeting each other and getting married online, combat areas, and other theme based areas of a platform but others are much much darker. BDSM in every extreme, murder, suicide, sexual slavery, torture, bestiality and much much more. And there is no real way to tell who is on the other side of that hourglass barbie whose left arm you’re about to turn into a stump or who is about to pull a sex train. The point being, nothing online is real.

Do you remember what it was like to be 22? Ok stop laughing and pay attention. The truth is 22 year olds are complete morons. So this YouTube kid started getting these young groupies who would do anything for him and he started getting them to twerk and sometimes got them to pull their shorts down to expose the crack of their asses while they twerked for him. He also made them tell him their ages several times on the videos of these events. Might be easy for a 22 year old to assume he wasn’t breaking any laws if he wasn’t actually meeting up with these girls. Though he coerced them no one forced these girls to do these things.

Anyone remember what it was like to be 14 or 15? Anyone remember what some of those girls were like? When my second wife was 15 she was dating a man in his 30’s with the blessing of her mother and after about a year of dating him moved in with him. Lots of you adult women had sexual relations with adult men you pursued at that age. Often the men had no idea how old these girls really were. Not all 14 year olds look 14 and there is makeup which can make a girl look much older especially is her body has already developed into that of a women. It’s ok honey you can admit it now we know.

On May 3rd 2019 Austin Jones, now 26 with no criminal record that was made public and after he confessed almost immediately and showed remorse was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Not because he conned an entire nation likely resulting in unreported violent acts but because maybe he saw the punani of some slutty 14 and 15 year old girls. That lucky White boy.

Now sure Austin should have been assigned some mandatory counseling and some community service but rapists do less time in prison. There was no real physical harm done here and frankly where were these girls parents? Maybe they should do a little time too.

This is White privilege in your face. Enjoy.

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