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Martin Luther King, writing from a Birmingham, AL jail in 1963, said, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

King was right – “Everything Hitler did WAS legal.” He was making a comparison between Nazi Germany and America’s laws that discriminated against Blacks. But the principle has far wider application.

Hitler was elected. Unlike most self-appointed dictators, the people of Germany gave him authority over themselves. What does that say about the German people at that time?

And what does it say about the American people that we elected terrible people like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama – and came very close to electing the truly horrible Hillary Clinton?

What does it say about the cities and states that elect Democrat politicians to rule over them?

I don’t think all Democrats are bad people. But they are certainly foolish people. Anyone who votes for a representative of a Party without reading the Party’s platform is as crazy as someone who signs a contract without reading it.

If you are one of those people who says, “There’s no real difference between Democrats and Republicans,” I invite you to read the Democrat Party Platform.

It is shocking.

Foremost among their demands are the “right” for a woman to murder an unborn child because they were too lazy to use birth control while being promiscuous; and the “rights” of perverted people to practice their perversions openly – including marriage between people of the same sex.

If Democrats had not been elected, laws that allowed these things would never have been passed. Judges that approve such indecency, and proclaim it Constitutional, would never have been appointed.

This is how evil becomes legal.

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