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Abortion is not Just a concept! A discussion of some of the actual procedures used to perform Abortions:

Abortion is fundamentally a procedure. The first article in this series provided an introduction to the idea that the subject of abortions is being obfuscated in the United States by keeping any dialogue about it at a conceptual level. The idea that anyone would actually stop to consider the process of aborting a pre-born human is kept way below the surface. It’s almost as though everyone knows that if normal people ever stopped to really consider what is done during an abortion, the procedure would die a natural and earned death itself.

So, it would appear that our task is to facilitate normal people being brought to a conscious awareness of the procedures being used to effect abortions.

Most people understand that a woman’s pregnancy is discussed in terms of trimesters. There are three trimesters in a normal human pregnancy which are about three months each or 39 weeks in total. This is important because abortion procedures are also prescribed/ implemented based on what trimester a woman is in when she presents herself to kill the pre-born human(s) she is carrying in her body. Have most people stopped to consider why there are different abortion procedures depending on what trimester of pregnancy a woman is in? Not likely, because if they did, they’d realize that the reason is that as the baby develops over the course of the 39 weeks…it is getting more developed. More like a fully formed human being, with fingers and toes and arms and legs and shoulders and an ever enlarging head. Any woman who has had a baby by vaginal delivery, (or anyone who has ever coached a woman through a vaginal delivery!) knows how big the head of a baby is relative to the size of the vagina! There is a lot of pain and pushing and breathing during that process.

Third Trimester Abortion Procedures

Keeping that in mind, how would an abortion procedure have to be tailored to address the size of the pre-born relative to the size of their mother’s non-dilated cervix? Abortionists have two primary methods of aborting a pre-born once it develops into the third trimester.

The first is known as an “Induction abortion”.

“Induction Abortion: a rarely done surgical procedure where salt water, urea, or potassium chloride is injected into the amniotic sac; prostaglandins are inserted into the vagina, and Pitocin is injected intravenously”

Consider what this is describing! A baby…perhaps viable to survive outside the “protection” of it’s mother’s womb… is subjected to burning chemicals; and drugs (the same drugs administered to actually deliver a baby!) are administered to the mother to expel the pre-born through the vagina. Think about that process for a moment!! Is that something our society believes is humane? Flooding a human with caustic chemicals with the intent to end it’s life, and then forcing it through the birth canal to be thrown in the trash. The pushback from the abortion community will be: “What you are describing is a rarely used procedure!”. Even if that is true, the fact that it even exists and has ever been performed, is evidence enough to how heinous is the process of abortion. There are, in fact, survivors of this horrible procedure walking among us who are a living testimony to the brutality of this type of abortion.

There are no survivors of the second abortion procedure utilized to effect third trimester abortions!

“Dilation and Extraction: a surgical abortion procedure used to terminate a pregnancy after 21 weeks of gestation. This procedure is also known as D&X, Intact D&X, Intrauterine Cranial Decompression and partial birth abortion.”

The reason there are no survivors to this abortion procedure is fairly well described in the clinical description itself. Keep in mind, the reason such a procedure is necessary is that the pre-born is of such a size that it will not pass easily out of the mother’s body. So the solution is to reduce the pre-born to a “manageable” size by either taking him/her out piece by piece, or piercing and suctioning out the brain to reduce the size of the head! Consider that picture for a while!

Taking a pre-born human being out of the mother’s womb a piece at a time! First a leg, or part of a leg, wherever the body comes apart when an instrument is inserted into the mother’s vagina to grasp and twist and pull the limb. Then another leg, or part of a leg. Piece by piece, removing each piece of the body and carefully placing each on the stand next to the “doctor’s” position between the mother’s legs, to ensure, to the extent possible, that the entire pre-born human is fully extracted from the womb. Picture that bloody pile of human body parts! Ponder that in your heart and mind……….!

Second Trimester Abortion Procedures

The abortion procedures in the second trimester are the same or variations of the third trimester procedures. No less bloody, brutal or heinous, just less body tissue to dispose of.

First Trimester Abortion Procedures

In the first trimester, there is much less body mass to consider when deciding how to terminate the life of, and remove and dispose of the pre-born human being developing in the womb. Therefore options for the abortion procedures are more varied. However, there are two basic processes, so-called “medication-based” and “surgical”.

Medication-based abortions involve the introduction of “medication” to induce the mother’s body to terminate the pregnancy by killing the developing pre-born human and then expelling him/her through the vagina. Depending on the actual development of the fetus, it may or may not be recognizable as a pre-born human being.

The second process involves a surgical or mechanical removal of the developing fetus. Manual vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and “Aspiration”: “…also referred to as suction curettage, dilation and curettage, or vacuum aspiration.” are the two procedures used to tear the developing fetus’ body apart and remove it from the mother’s womb.

What now?

Knowing what you have just read, can you honestly and proudly say “I support abortion!”?

Can you in good conscience support political candidates who openly and boldly and proudly support the procedures described here? I hope not. I believe in the basic goodness of the American people overall. I believe that when they actually consider the procedures of abortion rather than just the concept of abortion that they will realize the evil that it is and reject the political party that has wholeheartedly endorsed the brutality and inhumanity that actually is abortion.

Abortion procedures are much more difficult to support than the concept of abortion.


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