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A week of violent protests in Oregon following the election of Donald J. Trump for President resulted in over one million Dollars in damages after young Americans expressed outrage over the election of Donald Trump. An election most of them didn’t bother to vote in knowing not whether they could have made a difference. Only 34 of the 112 protesters arrested during the mayhem in Oregon actually bothered to vote.


Democrats claim Millennials are so upset with the outcome of the election they are taking to the streets to assault officers and destroy property in protest. Their party leaders are not telling them getting arrested and charged for felonies will make it very difficult for them to get any kind of employment or into a publicly supported college for the rest of their lives.


Some may be able to get their records expunged, but this takes time and costs thousands of Dollars in attorney’s fees even though the paperwork takes a few minutes to fill out. Not another lawyer joke.


Portland radio station KGW collected the names and ages of those arrested by the Portland Police Department and searched for them to state voter logs with the help of county election officials.


They found of 112 people arrested in the riots for property crimes, 39 were registered in Oregon but didn’t vote in the election. Another 35 weren’t registered to vote and four were younger than 18. That means only 30% of these arrested actually voted.


portland-anti-trump-rallyProtests erupted all across the country about a legal election for the first time in the recall of everyone now alive with Portland’s quickly became the most violent. The protests lasted six days, caused at least $1 million damages and much more when you consider the self-inflicted reputation and career damage done by the 112 young people in this sample. If the profile is typical the damage done at the behest and sponsorship of Democrat organizations and wealthy supporters like George Soros will be many millions of Dollars.


Store front windows were smashed; one police cruiser was defaced with painted profanities, damage was done to trees, fires were started. Officers were forced to defend themselves with tear gas and flash-bang grenades in response to burning projectiles thrown at them. One protester was shot by another protester in a drive-by shooting in the melee.


President Barack Obama alluded to the unnecessary nature of the protests in his first press conference since the election. “I think it’s important for us to let him make decisions. The American people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see,” apparently making reference to Mr. Trump in some way that not obvious or logical.


This riot should be thoroughly investigated to see whether or not an outside entity inspired or paid for this protest as it is highly unlikely so many young people who did not care enough about the election to vote in it would become so violent to commit property crimes for which arrest charge for felonies was appropriate.


It would seem the highest likelihood for a perpetrator rests with the Democrat activists groups like the ActBlue, America Votes, Blue Dog Coalition, Center for American Progress, College Democrats, Democracy for America, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Association, Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democrats Abroad, Democrats for Life of America, Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, Emily’s List, High School Democrats of America, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee,, National Conference of Democratic Mayors, National Federation of Democratic Women, National Jewish Democratic Council, New Democrat Network, Progressive Caucus, Change Campaign Committee, Progressive Democrats of America, Progressive Policy Institute, Stonewall Democrats, Stonewall Young Democrats, and Young Democrats of America.


Several of these organizations are well-funded by people like George Soros, several Hollywood and New York City entertainment and financial groups, unions including the United Auto Workers, National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers and other such leftist organizations as they rightly feel they may be put out of business as a result of Congressional Investigations into their criminality.

Adrian Vance

iPatriot Contributers


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