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This whole piece of legislation is mandatory health insurance of the worst kind. IT is page after page full of special interests, and the rich get richer schemes. Health insurance should never be this burdensome.

The Republican answer is a 30% hike against anyone who is low to lower/middle class if they go for more than 63 days without this mandated health insurance program that is made to get insurance companies rich.

The answers are simple, but will the legislators go for simple over page after page of schemes, special interests, and jargon of the worst kind? Seven simple principles and this could easily become a wanted commodity, not a required tax levied upon the poorest of the poor.

  1. The coverage is not mandated, but a tax break of 20% for families making less than 100k and individuals making under 60k. The one mandate is that all politicians from state to federal level must buy this insurance and use it in the same capacity as the citizens.
  2. The ability to buy insurance at the same rate whether through an employer or individually, and can be purchased from any state in the union. The deductible cannot exceed 3 months cost of the plan, or the deductible can bankrupt the individual.
  3. Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy are not extra charges or lower caps. Elective surgeries must have a separate insurance within the ability of the insured, for example, plastic surgery etc.
  4. There is no mandated tax or fine levied upon anyone that makes under 500k. AT 500k you are charged a 5% higher tax for participating while being charged 15% for not participating.
  5. All legitimate licensed hospitals and medical doctors are included without exception or penalty.
  6. A health insurance savings account can be set up tax-free and be movable as an individual goes from employer to employer or to retirement. Similar to the 401k program.
  7. Anyone who makes 115% of the US poverty level or lower can be given 60% of the cost of the insurance through a voucher program via the tax payment system to help defray the costs. Employers are given tax incentives for paying the complete cost of the insurance coverage

With those seven ideas, the American Health Insurance can be turned from tyrannical to unifying, from an expense to a cost saving venture, and from a demand to a needed necessity. There may be other self-subscribing folks who wish that their special pet projects were introduced into this health care, but it is not an everything for everyone program, but a necessity based program, that can favor the poor, and force the rich to pay in extra to help defray the costs.

Time Americans said enough with penalties for not affording something, but a system that is clean and will take care of itself through true competition and lower costs by higher numbers of participants. It is the time that every American can afford health insurance specifically set up to work for them, and not for someone who has made other choices in their lives. The time that pre-existing conditions did not bankrupt an individual and elective surgeries did not cost everyone. Remember, that as more demand for an electronic becomes apparent its price lowers, so will that of health insurance.

America has the best doctors and the best scientist looking for cures, let us not penalize them or the people who need health insurance by burdensome regulations, books of nuances, and special interests jargon.

Simply call it the American Health Insurance Program. Nothing needs to be called something that it is not!

I invite you to respond with your views on this and give insight to what you see would be wrong with a simple system.

Remember, America first ! ! !

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