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A while back I watched a video of some adult male harassing a teen for wearing a Trump hat.

Apparently, the people who voted for Trump must be a tiny splinter group because not a soul goes up and kicks the crap out of this creep. I have actually had Trump supporters tell me that it isn’t a good idea to wear my MAGA hat in public. I’m going to assume it is because some leftist nutcase with TDS might attack me and that I really can’t depend on Trump supporters coming to my rescue. The only time I have ever been questioned about my Trump hat in public was from an old lady in a wheelchair and it was obvious what her motivation was. She should have minded her own business because I was not kind to her even in her husband’s presence. Actually, a part of me was hoping he’d take a swing at me but he didn’t.

There were what, 12 Senators who voted against Trump regarding his constitutional right to declare emergencies as he sees fit. They voted against their own man’s constitutional authority. Where were Trump supporters when their Senators voted against the President? I bet most of them didn’t even notice that it happened and the ones that did must have ignored it. If it had been Democrats voting against anything socialist there would have been a mob out at that Senators office and home but it wasn’t, so there wasn’t. All I can say is well done at being the “silent majority” because no one heard a peep.

Why are so many “Republicans” fighting the President? The answer is simple. Conservatives only give a crap when the world is coming to an end. If their house is on fire conservatives will get out there with the garden hose but if the lawn is on fire they will ignore it until a substantial part of the house is burning. The only voices that these elected officials ever hear are from anti Trumpers and the liberal press so how surprised can you be when people who spend half their career or more campaigning do what they are told is the right thing.

“But dude I’m gonna fix em on election day!” Sure you are unless our muchly rigged system puts someone worse up against the turncoat and you vote for the turncoat because he/she is a better choice. Do you see the enemy waiting until election day? They didn’t wait one second and started a never ending witch hunt against the President the day after he was elected to office. On our side of the aisle, everyone has a job and kids to support so they throw their hands up on the air and pretty much do nothing hoping a messiah will come and save us. Lazy good for nothings.

You have called Trump the lion and the god emperor so that you can flop your fat ass down in the easy chair and do nothing and if he can’t fix the entire country all by himself you’ll join the left in condemning and blaming him. You’ll claim you made a mistake and you did but it wasn’t voting for Trump that was your mistake it was sitting there on your fat ass doing nothing to help him. That will have been your mistake. Are you really so stupid that you think anyone is capable of fixing this mess all by themselves?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Trump supporters were as interested in the presidency and Trumps platform as they were during the election. As someone who runs a Trump page on 3 different platforms, I can tell you that the current level of apathy among Trump supporters is very high. If I am getting 10% of the traffic that I received during even the first week of Trumps campaign it would be a lot and I know other conservative activists that are experiencing the exact same thing.

Do you know why the wall hasn’t been built yet? It isn’t President Trumps fault he’s been trying every tick in the book but he wouldn’t have to come up with any tricks to get it done if his voters activated instead of sedated themselves. It would have already been built. What did you do to make sure it would happen? Did you email your congressman, or call him/her or fax or even send a letter? If the answer is no you have not one to blame but yourself.

America got itself into a huge mess and we got there because of apathy. Your apathy, and if things continue as they have since Trumps election you can bet within the next 5-9 years we’ll all be living in a socialist America with open boarders being dictated to by the UN while people are marched off to prison for misgendering someone and using a straw. If that is the America you want to live in, don’t get off the couch.

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