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Liberals are naked and their hateful ideology is on full display thanks to the inestimable genius of President Trump.

“I don’t know if Donald Trump is a strategic genius, but I can tell you that he is an instinctive one. I don’t know how much Trump sits around and strategizes and tries to play, for example, a long game and say, ‘Okay. If I do this and do this, I know they’re gonna do this and this. So, after that happens, I’m going to do this.’

“I don’t know if he’s that many steps down the board or not. But I know that his instincts are practically infallible here. He has turned these people inside out, upside down. He has forced them, made them, caused them — his enemies — to expose their hypocrisy, to expose their lies, and to expose the fact that they’re dishonest when reporting so-called news.” – Rush Limbaugh

Instinctive or Strategic Genius? Either Way, Trump Outsmarts Them Again!

It doesn’t take advance planning or plotting to know what Democrats will do and plan accordingly.  Every time they speak they lie, they present false premises, and they slander the righteous.  What it takes is the courage, the tenacity, and the willingness to get into the fight in order to counterpunch them and make them pay for their lies, obfuscations, and misrepresentation of the facts.  At a recent rally, Trump openly mocked the leftist liberal “elites,” especially those of their media “intelligentsia,” and most of them didn’t get the joke!  Those who didn’t tried to portray him as a narcissist, and those who did had their heads explode as they began spewing bile from their frothing mouths.  Trump has now done this so many times that it has become a form of amusement to his supporters to take the opportunity to sit back as he seemingly gives Democrats what they demand and wait for the other shoe to drop only to watch it land on liberal’s heads!

Hysterical Liberals See Fascism in Republicans

Realizing Democrats are Domestic Enemies Makes Them Comprehensible

Trump’s SCOTUS nominees

Rush Limbaugh laughs at liberal ignorance over Trump’s Supreme Court choices:

Dan Rather said, “If you see this as a fight for the future of democracy, let those in power know that the will of the majority can still hold sway.”

Rush replied, “Earth to Dan: This is the majority holding sway! Trump won the election, the Republicans won the House, the Republicans won the Senate. They get to choose because they are the majority.

“I am continually surprised at the level of ignorance among the so-called educated class in Washington, D.C. — particularly the media — about how, quote, unquote, ‘our democracy’ works.

“So, they’re panicking out there. But the idea that Mueller’s findings would eventually go to the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court would have nothing to do with Mueller’s findings, would have nothing to do with the House impeachment or any Senate trial. These reporters don’t know anything. The Supreme Court and a Trump nominee will have nothing to say about whatever Mueller produces.

“This is just the media trying to convince people that Trump’s not qualified. My prediction [they’ll say]: ‘Trump’s not qualified to make an appointment. He might be found guilty. We can’t have a guy appointing a justice Supreme Court. Why, that justice would be favorably disposed to nominate Trump.’ The justice that he nominates will never have anything to say about any Mueller investigation. They’re just trying to do anything they can to get people to support the idea that Trump should not make his nomination. The idea that Trump should delay this nomination ’til after the midterms is folly, it is absurd, and it’s crazy.”

Attempts to obstruct Trump’s SCOTUS nominees

Democrats constantly cry wolf at every shaking leaf

Daily Caller puts liberal hate on display

“The liberals want the Supreme Court to be ruled by the political beliefs of the justices – not the law!” – Rush Limbaugh

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Trump the True and Righteous Man

Democrats Vote for more Extreme Leftism

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