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In the “Hobbit” J.R.R. Tolkien wrote “It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, and cannot be smelt. It hides behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter”.

Hate and the darkness of the soul it gives birth to; and what most of us don’t realize is that those who hate can suffer debilitating consequences that can consume their lives, by corrupting their minds, defiling their spirit, and weakening their inner strength and life force. While the object of that hate might not even be aware of it, and goes about his or her life without regret or hurt feelings.

But what causes hate? I’m going to theorize here that in some cases hate is a manifestation of one or more of the seven deadly sins; pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth; some might also include vainglory and acedia, (spiritual apathy). These sins are what we can consider abuses of our passions and natural state of being. Of course today, discounting sin, we can include religion and ideology as catalysts in fomenting hatred.

Since the beginning of this nation, there has always been division of one sort or another among the American people. The original “Great Melting Pot”, a mixture of ethnicities and religions often had different beliefs and opinions.  And sometimes we scream and shout at one another to vent our frustrations and disagreements. But over the past several decades, something has drastically changed in the way we think and communicate, and not for the better.

The level of anger and bitterness has increased to a degree that diminishes us all as Americans, and can lead to character assassination, the destruction of property, denying ones freedom of speech, physical harm and even death. Not that this is only a product of post modern times, for history reveals otherwise. But it seems we have become much more callous, indifferent, and disrespectful of one another’s beliefs and opinions. Acrimony and vile rhetoric have reached a fevered pitch in the media, academia, the political class, and the entertainment industry.

What you might ask was the impetus for my writing this article; actually it was an article I had read, among many, but one that I believe well captures the true nature of festering hate. The periodical can remain nameless, the author we’ll call her Mary X; both don’t deserve any further notoriety. Suffice it to say, they represent the worst in journalism and in humanity itself, and should be held accountable.

The article was written and dealt with the late Roger Ailes. Mary X refers to the Fox News founder as a “lech who killed decency”, “a Viagra-fueled beast who built Fox News into a right-wing opinion-as-news propaganda powerhouse”, and who conducted a “nightmare newsroom that he thought was his own personal harem”. Mary X thinks that Mr. Ailes death was “the first good news we’ve heard about that monster in months”. And “women journalists (on Fox) meantime, more often than not, were built like porn stars and dressed like high-priced escorts”. Mr. Ailes left behind a “grotesque legacy” and was an “evil genius”. Mary X goes on to insult Mrs. Ailes, but we won’t get into that.

I responded to Mary X in an Email, as follows: Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, just ask Mary X “. Your vile and hate-filled rant toward the late Roger Ailes could have only come from a mind devoid of compassion and humanity. As a matter of fact, one would expect such malice straight out of the nether world. Your scorn knows no bounds, even going so far as to insult Mr. Ailes grieving widow.

You seem absolutely certain of Mr. Ailes guilt, even though no evidence of any misdeed was ever presented. But whatever you may think of Roger Ailes, his vision and leadership paved the way for conservative media by developing Fox Cable News that forever changed the face of journalism, while at the same time having to confront the slings and arrows of outraged liberals like you. The hold on the dissemination of information to the public by the main stream left wing media was challenge and disrupted.

Aside from your scatological rhetoric and complete disrespect of the dead, and the living, what is just as regrettable is the fact that your tabloid saw fit to print this crap. But then most readers by now realize how this once exceptional hometown newspaper has devolved, since the presidential election, into a miasmatic refuge of yellow journalism.

And now a word of caution to those people who may come into contact with you, I would suggest they have on hand a crucifix and vile of holy water. You may not levitate and spit out pea soup Mary X, and your head may not turn around on your shoulders, but be assured there is venom in your keystroke and hate in your heart.

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