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Many on the Left believe free college is a great way to help students attend school and eventually place into the prospective job market. However, a college or graduate degree will not magically get someone a job. One could choose to use his or her time wisely and major in something meaningful, or waste four years and graduate having learnt very little.

Sadly, a graduate student group at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government are choosing the latter option, by starting a “Resistance School” to oppose President Donald Trump.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that this group of graduate students formed the course to include four in-person lectures that will be live-streamed as well, and will have former Obama staffers teaching the sessions. The school’s team also includes staffers from Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaigns.

The goal of the course, according to CBS News, is to give activists “the skills they need to take collective action and effectively resist the Trump agenda.” The course’s website claims that the course is meant to “keep the embers of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement, and forward-looking action.”

As if this weren’t ridiculous enough, the school’s syllabus includes readings on Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, and Black-Palestinian Queer Reciprocal Solidarity.

This truly is astonishing. Harvard graduate students, who, given the prestige of the university, would normally be expected to be the most valuable to the job market. But instead, they have become so childish and anxious because their candidate lost the Presidential election that they have decided to, instead of engage in beneficial education, resist this reality. Trump’s election won’t change. All they are accomplishing is squandering their chances at an actual job, and possibly going to have massive student loan debt with no way to pay it off.

This is a prime example of why Bernie Sanders’ idea of free (aka taxpayer-funded) college would never work. Student loan debt would be much less of a problem if students took their educations seriously and worked toward a lucrative career goal. Instead, we see examples of students majoring in meaningless degrees, such as lesbian studies, for example. If taxpayers paid for students to go to college, there would be no incentive for students to major in anything useful. What we see at Harvard’s Resistance School is proof of this.

College is supposed to be a place of learning and growth. It is supposed to instill in the student a sense of responsibility and a hard work-ethic. However, the Resistance School is an example of the opposite—it is teaching students to stay in the Leftist bubble and go so far as to create a school that lets them stay immature and deny the reality that someone they don’t like is President.

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