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The Left is a strange bunch of people. It was just recently reported about Vice President Mike Pence’s marriage practices, which is also called the “Billy Graham rule” for the famed evangelical preacher. This is no secret. The Washington Post reported on this in 2002 in a piece called “Karen Pence is the vice president’s ‘prayer warrior,’ gut check and shield.”

In that interview Mike Pence said “that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.” Also (in an interview with the Hill in 2002) Pence says, “If there’s alcohol being served and people are being loose, I want to have the best-looking brunette in the room standing next to me.”

Compare the ethics of the incoming Vice-President with the outgoing Vice-President Joe Biden for a moment. Vice-President Joe Biden is sometimes known as, “creepy Joe.” Biden groped the wife of Ashton Carter, Stephanie Carter as he was being sworn in as Secretary of Defense. This isn’t a onetime thing, he’s all hands with Senator Christopher Coons’ young daughter on C-Span. Not much of a comparison is there?

Mike Pence’s devotion to evangelical Christianity is no secret in Washington either. His devoutness is most likely why he’s being criticized for his marriage practices. But this is (and should be) standard fare for practicing Christians everywhere.

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The “Billy Graham rule” isn’t an uncommon practice in Washington but you wouldn’t know it because of the rate of infidelity that goes on in politics. It does seem to be an issue of late though.

Many female aides in Washington have reported, according to an article in the National Journal, “What’s It Like to Be a Woman on Capitol Hill? The Hill isn’t your average office, but it’s an office nonetheless” about being “barred” from their [male] bosses at evening events for “fear that others would get the wrong impression.”

According to a high-profile employment discrimination attorney in Washington, “the practices are clearly discriminatory in my view.” This is obviously an opinion when she states “in her view” and not in the eyes of the law; there hasn’t been any cases brought before the courts on this issue. She goes on to call it “clearly unlawful.” There is also the issue of public perception. Vice President Pence is very wise to be concerned about his reputation and that of another female. Having consideration for your colleagues is now considered discrimatory to the Liberals.

Back to my opening statement about how “The Left is a strange bunch of people.” Those of the Left criticize Pence (and other Christians) for being faithful and wanting their marriage to last whilst they look up to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill has been caught several times cheating on Hillary, and the worst part of it all is how Hillary stalked and threatened the women he cheated with.

Bill Clinton is also an alleged rapist. Juanita Broaddrick alleged that, in the late 1970s during then Attorney General Bill Clinton’s run for Governor of Arkansas, Clinton raped her in her hotel room. The rape was in April 1978 when she was 35 years old.

There is a reason why the Left is criticizing the Pence’s marriage practices. See, the Left is all about breaking up the family. When the family is broken and ran by a single mother (in most cases) then the family becomes dependent on government handouts. This is why the Left is “Pro-Choice” (really pro-abortion), the Left supports divorce, overwhelmingly supports LGBTQ rights and trans-gender issues, and women’s rights. Nowhere in this list is a man (or straight male) to be found. So Pence scares the Left. Pence is a threat to the Left. And Pence, like most VP’s will eventually run for the seat of the Presidency.

The sole existence of liberalism relies wholly on disenfranchisement. Without despair, discrimination, racism and all the other ism’s and to a greater extent poverty the Left is nothing. The creation of dependency along with all the empty promises is a tactic employed by liberalism.

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The Left’s crusade against strong, independent Conservative women is in full-force; they are blamed for Trump’s rise to the seat of the Presidency. They are against Mike Pence’s wife Karen Pence as well as President Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Disdain for strong and independent Christian Conservative women, especially by the hard Left-radical Islam alliance was clearly demonstrated during the women’s March on Washington in January. This march was supported by some big names such as Madonna, Gloria Steinem, Scarlett Johansson, and Melissa Harris-Perry and was organized by Linda Sarsour, a defender of sharia law.

Linda Sarsour being the leader of the hard Left-radical Islam alliance ordered pro-life women out of the 2017 Women’s March which doesn’t come to a surprise given the Left’s embrace of Planned Parenthood and abortions in general.

So Mike Pence is everything that the Left despises, he is a devout Christian and a Conservative. His future includes, like most VP’s a run for the White House after Trump’s Presidency. This scares the Left and they are starting a long smear campaign against him.

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