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On New Year’s Day, I stepped out in the morning to get some fresh air, there is still some left out there, and to pick up the tabloids that make up part, although small, of the information I gather. While walking under the morning sun, on this cool crisp winter’s day, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be a great way to start the New Year off, if all the disseminators of that information could for just one brief 24 hour period find something positive,  inspirational and enlightening to write about; twas not to be.

Just before Christmas, Conservative Truth requested that all of its writers submit articles in keeping with the spirit of the season. Sadly, this did not hold true for most in the mainstream media, but then this was a Christian holiday, and we all know what many of these faithless, insensitive and irreverent malcontents think of Christianity.

There are extremists on all sides of the political and ideological spectrum, but if there is one thing you cannot deny and can be certain of, and that is unlike conservatives, the Left is without question the nastiest, reckless and most vicious group of people in America, this is especially true among so-called journalists and commentators, and yes sadly even their supporters in the public at large. Their hatred and contempt for anyone who thinks differently, especially the president, knows no bounds.

One might ask, why that is the case; I believe it begins early in childhood, with a lack of proper parenting and radical professors and extremist elements in society that seek to undermine and destroy our way of life, but of even greater significance is mental and emotional instability. When you consider the acceptance and support by the Left of the most radical and extreme elements of the issues that are before us, you cannot deny and come away without thinking, these people are indeed dangerous and deranged.

As a case in point, and aside from all the usual reporting on violence and moral decay we humans are prone to, here is some of the ‘intelligible’ prose that was gifted to the people on January 01. In one article in the Washington Post that referred to the White House as a madhouse, the writer who deserves no recognition or attention did not disappoint the Left with his malicious words.

He goes on to say that while driving past the White House he thought to himself how tawdry, and almost haunted it looked. He imagined bats and spider webs in corners, while the president was upstairs talking to the television and going mad, he added the president is a liar, baby and dirty man, a dummy, and Mr. Trump nauseates him. He concludes with “We elected a madman”. In another article the writer couldn’t believe that Mr. Trump was still president in 2019, and how the shock still hasn’t worn off, and that the president had still not achieved normalcy.

As for cable news; to paraphrase some of the comments made: who does Trump think he’s kidding remaining in the White House during the Christmas holiday, what is he trying to make a martyr out of himself, and another commented Trump is ruining Christmas for hundreds of thousands of workers. I could go on and mention other articles, editorials and cable hosts and their guests, but I think you have had enough. Keep in mind; although not a denizen of social media, I could only imagine what went on there. It was all so very disheartening and disappointing.

Now I must ask, are these the thoughts of mature, professional and well-adjusted minds; do they capture the true essence of journalistic integrity, or are they the dark, disrespectful, and unprofessional. Yes indeed they are just that, and they’re also what the Left is all about, it’s pathetic and pitiful. Keep in mind these are highly regarded journalists and writers that offered up this inane garbage, and it can be said that they all best describe what the Russian writer Anton Chekhov wrote: “People hate the ones who make them feel their own inferiority”.

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