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On sept 17 we celebrate the birthdate of “that glorious Liberty document” our Constitution that is celebrating its 228  birthday on Sunday Sept 17-2017!

Let’s celebrate Constitution day and hang a copy of the Constitution on the wall of the Oval Office in the White House! Please President Trump-hang a copy of this amazing document on the wall in the Oval Office to remind ALL working and visiting the White House that this document is still the source of every Americans freedom and liberties as citizens.

I am looking for ALL freedom loving-limited government advocates to contact their elected Representatives of Congress and the Senate to get our Constitution to be celebrated-protected and defended in 2017 and beyond!

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I have a Important Question- Why is their NO copy of the Constitution hanging on the wall of the Oval Office???

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A copy of that amazing document-“that glorious Liberty document” needs to be hanging on the wall of the Oval Office in the White House!

I would also like to see every SEPT 17 the birthday of the Constitution be celebrated at the White House with a re-enactment of the signing of the Constitution in the Rose garden with school children in attendance who receive a signed pocket Constitution by our President.

I would like to get a large golden framed copy of the Constitution to be presented to President Trump to hang on the wall of the Oval Office!

It is our right and civic duty to hand out copies of the United States Constitution.

A copy of the Constitution hanging on the wall in the Oval Office will remind all visiting and working in the White House that this amazing document is the source of our freedom and liberties as American citizens.

MY FAVORITE POLITICAL QUOTE Is from Thomas Jefferson who said ” Action will define YOU!”

Let’s make America great again and restore our borders-rule of law- Constitution-Republic in 2017!

YES WE CAN restore our Constitution-Republic in 2017 and beyond.

I look forward to your reply-ACTION to restore our Constitution-Republic!

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Father- husband two grown children. A Freedom loving Limited government advocate. Favorite political quote "ACTION will define YOU"


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