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Today marks Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s independence day. On May 14th, 1948, Israel won its independence, victorious in a war in which its Arab neighbors attacked from all sides, overcoming all odds to defeat them. Sadly, 69 years later, Israel is still vilified as apartheid, colonialist, and a land-grabber from the “poor” Palestinians.

The uninformed aren’t aware that the Palestinians are a faux nation that didn’t exist until 1967, after Israel regained its capital, Jerusalem, from Jordan, who conquered it in 1948.

Accordingly, in 1998, then-Palestinian leader and vocal terror supporter Yasser Arafat declared May 15th “Nakba,” a day of mourning, with the continued hope to finally destroy Israel and the Jews once and for all.

Tragically, the Palestinians have duped much of the world into believing they are the victims of this conflict. Many actually believe this, and others use it as a front for their closet anti-Semitism. For example, the Daily Wire reported that Dublin, Ireland’s city hall plans to fly the Palestinian flag between May-June 15th, in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “evil” of Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem.

Even Israel’s greatest ally, the United States, cut a deal with Iran, the state sponsor of terrorism and supporter of Hamas’ atrocities, a rogue state who consistently calls for Israel’s annihilation. Granted, that was under Barack Obama, whose allegiance to Israel was questionable at best. Even President Trump, who is perhaps the most pro-Israel president since Israel’s independence, is swayed by this faulty theory as well, by having invited Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who refuses to recognize Israel and praises terrorists as martyrs, in order to broker a deal. Little does he realize that this is a pipe dream, as the Palestinians want nothing different than any of the Jews’ enemies did throughout Jewish history–the total destruction of the Jewish people. Nothing short of annihilation will satiate much of the Arab world.

Somehow though, no matter what the haters may contend or say, accuse us of, or plot against us, we will always live on. Israel is an adversary that will always prevail. With a people that remain strong.

The Jewish people just commemorated the holiday of Passover, and the Passover Seder includes a paragraph entitled “V’Hi Sheamda,” which loosely translates as “And He (God) who stood.” It continues to relay that in every generation an enemy rises with its charter to destroy Israel and or the Jewish people. Yes, the Jewish people and it’s homeland are interchangeable. You can’t be opposed to one of them without the other.

But the paragraph ends saying God saves us from our enemies and will every time. And He will this time as well, and hopefully bring the Messiah as soon as possible, speedily in our days.

It is beyond astonishing that despite its vociferous and hateful neighbors who seek nothing more than its destruction, Israel thrives. That is a work of God and God alone. It defies nature. It defies logic. Israel’s people remain staunchly dedicated to their people, their military, and their homeland.

Israel is a land with God on its side. Its citizens need to persist and never give up hope. Conviction gives rise to growth. Israel flourishes as a land of spirituality and a land of promise.

Happy birthday Israel. Here’s to many more, forever.

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