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By all accounts U.S. District Attorney General Loretta Lynch was an effective, honest prosecutor in her former life. But we all know the corrosive effect of associating with people like Obama and Hillary can have on a person’s integrity. Obama is her boss; she describes Hillary as a friend. It is no surprise that she would do something that even she now admits was “inappropriate” and has “cast a shadow” on her agency’s criminal investigation of Clinton.

Here are the facts:

1) Lynch met secretly with ex-president Bill Clinton for 30 minutes in a private executive jet at the Phoenix Airport. FBI agents kept everyone away from the plane, and ordered bystanders not to take pictures. This was both suspicious, and a violation of the First Amendment.

2) Lynch tries to give the impression that this was a chance meeting “at the airport.” If they just both happened to be walking inside the airport and ran into each other, that would be understandable. But this meeting took place in a high-security area on the tarmac. It had to be well-planned and timed, especially since both parties have security teams that have to check every meeting place for possible threats.

3) Lynch claims that they discussed their grandchildren and golf. It doesn’t take 30 minutes for that kind of chit-chat. And if the meeting was so innocent, why did all of Lynch’s staff and security have to exit the plane before Bill Clinton came aboard. Why all the secrecy?

4) The most important aspect of this is that Lynch should never have met with the husband of someone her agency is investigating for criminal activity. In fact, Bill Clinton himself may be implicated in the investigation. (It certainly wouldn’t be the first time he has engaged in improprieties.) Hillary has said several times that the illegal email server was Bill’s and that she just used it. But whether she was meeting with the spouse of a possible defendant or whether Bill himself might be involved,it was beyond foolish for Lynch to have met with the ex-president.

I don’t know what was discussed in secret on that plane. But I do know that the fact that the secret meeting became public has damaged Lynch’s credibility, and – as she herself said – “cast a cloud” over the investigation.

obama and lynchWe know they lied about the meeting happening by chance. They both knew when the other’s planes would arrive, and they carefully planned the encounter. But even if the meeting itself was totally innocent, due to the circumstances few will believe it. The Bible says to avoid even the appearance of evil. Both of these people are attorneys. Even if they don’t believe in the Bible, their Code of Ethics tells them to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

If they really wanted to chat about golf and their grandchildren, they could have done that on the phone. The fact that they felt it necessary to meet in a clandestine way in a government aircraft that had been swept for listening devices indicates that the conversation was much more serious. Was it about Bill and Hillary’s possible criminal indictment and prosecution? We will never know.

The Clinton’s have always felt – and acted – as if they were above the law. If there is anything Obama learned from the Clinton’s it is that if he just smiles and keeps repeating the same lie over and over again, he will get away with it. This secret meeting between Obama’s Attorney General and the slickest politician ever to live only underscores the truth that the Clintons and Obama can get away with anything – unless we stop electing corrupt liars.


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