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I don’t think I can express my upset, anger or abject fury over these senseless terrorist mass shootings any more than my millions of law abiding fellow NRA members and gun toting (liberals add here; knuckle dragging, Neanderthal, Bible thumping etc etc) shooting sports enthusiasts. I would like to point out that no NRA member nor has a shooting sport enthusiast ever been responsible for one of these attacks. Oddly enough though is the fact that every one of them has been perpetrated by either a devout liberal, most have been registered democrats and most importantly, mentally ill in some fashion and on powerful medications. Funny how liberal, democrat and mentally ill all seem to fall neatly together isn’t it?

May I remind you that it was the great Jimmy Carter who closed most of the facilities for the mentally ill under the presumption that it stigmatized the afflicted? Another clear case of “liberal logic” ignoring or not considering the unexpected consequences in the name of compassion, but I digress.

Gun control is not the answer and quite impossible. Everyone must consider the consequences of disarming the entire law abiding American public. It simply cannot be done even if you could convince devout collectors to give up their museum pieces somewhere someone would have a priceless example secreted away somewhere. Dedicated sport shooters and hunters would rather die than part willingly with their favorite rifles or race guns too, besides it hasn’t worked anywhere it has been tried. Faced with stiffer gun laws or no guns criminals would switch to another weapon be it cross bows, knives, hammers, crow bars or even rocks.

One answer I might offer is stemming the tide of immigration without assimilation. My family did it only a generation ago. Closing the borders is a great idea and has been done in the past by Carter and most recently Obama not long ago. Letting people in here who hate us is just a bad idea.

It has been infinitely clear that this president is no friend of law enforcement and his chief law enforcement officer continually breaks gun laws with impunity. I strongly believe if the FBI as well as other agencies had been allowed to do their jobs as they did prior to eight years ago this latest tragedy cold have been stopped. I am also absolutely certain that if someone had been armed in that club the shooter would never had the chance to reload let alone make Facebook posts.


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