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People, the uninformed, the non-thinkers believe that guns kill people, cause mass shootings, and are at the heart of terrorism. I find that to be at the best a farce, and the worst, scary.

I have never seen a gun get up to walk out the door, go up to a person and shoot them. I have never seen a steak knife turn on the diner and cut the finger, nor have I seen an auto start up and drive sporadically and run directly into the front of another auto and make itself look like destruction heated over. If you have, please let this author know. I want to see the video.

A school does not have please visit us sent to guns owned by mentally unstable owners or movie theaters have half time set apart for guns to start shooting wildly. And neither does a gun decide to go to a nightclub/bar and start shooting and killing fifty Americans as a random decision.

It is not guns, it is the mentally unstable and radical terrorists that make the decisions to kill. It is the criminally based, and racist bigots that spend their time killing. Islamic Terrorists toss the LGBT off of high buildings, are we going to demolish all buildings that are more than 5 feet in height?

So the war on Drugs has included the outlawing of specific drugs. How has that worked out? More death and destruction. Has the Government been able to stop the drugs from entering the U.S. from other countries? If the Government cannot stop drugs, what would make you Liberal ideologues believe it will be different for guns? The criminals will have them, and the law abiding citizens will not, then we have larger mass shootings. Not a good case you all to propagate.

Criminals-LOVE-Gun-ControlChicago, one of the nation’s largest cities has outlawed guns, has that worked out well for them? No, they also have one of the largest numbers of deaths by guns in the country. DC has a stringent limit on gun ownership. Has that worked out well for DC, no, it has much more murders than other cities its size in America? So what is the liberal reasoning? That these guns walk across state borders and hop into the hands of law abiding citizens that somehow become criminally insane murderers.

The schools, the churches, the night clubs, the shopping malls all get hit due to regulations not allowing guns to be carried. NRA meetings, Gun shows, Coffee shops with police buying their half dozen jelly filled weight gainer all do not have these issues. What are the common denominators people? Do I need to get the Crayola’s out and color you a picture?

America needs to hold tight to its Constitution. The reason for so many mass killings is in the leadership. When you have a leader who causes more division than unity, is a wimp when it comes to cracking down quickly on criminals, and is scared to state exactly what it is, you go from 16 mass shootings to 163 mass shootings. Do you think Obama, Clinton, or Trump know how to create more unity than division? They do not, so in the end, there will be more killings by those very bad guns, which have minds of their own, and decide to kill while the killing is good.

Stop the liberal ideologues in their tracks, and stop the division creators before it gets worse. Elect a constitutionalist, and protect our Constitution at any cost……..


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