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I thought black lives mattered – at least certainly more than white lives. Is this not the refrain we’ve been hearing since the lawful and necessary shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson last year?

Heck – we’ve heard and seen whites get booed off the stage for having the nerve to claim that “All Lives Matter.” “Oh no they don’t,” say the Black Lives Matter (BLM) indoctrinated faithful.

Yet it seems black lives only matter when they want them to protest, riot and destroy others’ property. When it comes to actually bettering black lives, they don’t really give a crap. In fact, it’s worse than that. Prominent blacks and black organizations campaign against the bettering of the very people they lie about representing.

Other than the obvious, the obvious being that they are black, what do Barack Obama, the NAACP and BLM all have in common? Sure, they are all radicals, but one else? Answer: all three oppose improving educational opportunities for black children.

It’s well known that Obama sends his children to the upscale posh private school, Sidwell Friends, at a cost of almost $40,000 per student per year. That’s more than most inner-city black families make in a year.

“All of us have a responsibility to not only make sure our children have pathways to success but that all children do,” Obama said,
while sitting in a public library in the Anacostia neighborhood of D.C. “And a great education is the ticket to a better life like never before.”

Obviously Obama is lying, as he has repeatedly blocked or proposed phasing out Washington D.C.’s school choice program, known as opportunity scholarships, for inner-city black youths. He opposes all private and charter school choice for black youths, other than his own children.

So one must conclude that he cares only for his daughters but not the blacks who are most in need of a better

Now the NAACP and BLM have also come out firmly against improving the lot of poor inner-city black yutes. Darrell Bradford, Executive Director of NYCAN, is puzzled as he says: “Black Lives Matter is a protest movement, so I don’t understand why they’d be against charter schools. What is picking charter if not an act of protest? When you’re anti-charter your anti a parents right to resist. Anti their right to pressure. Anti their right to break it all. If you want a revolution about the treatment of black people in this country, chartering is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.”

Like Obama,the NAACP “is considering calls for a moratorium on new charters and stricter oversight of existing schools of choice” – because stricter oversight of public schools is just not necessary, given how wildly successful they’ve been. Bradford added that, “The NAACP’s position would be sad if it wasn’t just straight up shameful.”

Although it seems odd, we must remember that Obama, the NAACP and BLM are just the black militant wing of the overarching leftist movement. Oh sure, Obama is president, but he is still just a glorified community agitator, same as the others.

They’re all working for the same cause – to keep blacks uninformed and angry. They cannot allow private and charter schools to flourish – thus allowing inner-city black youths to figure out on their own that the pathway out is through school choice, not protests and riots.

The only way agitator groups retain their power (and money) is through anger and division and their disingenuous protests against school choice is another shining example of how they abuse those they claim to represent. It is indeed shameful.


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