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Those who think Donald Trump is going to continue the socialist policies of Obama are mistaken.  He proposes policies that will put more money back into the pockets of Americans, while Obama/Hillary Democrats promote socialism for foreigners they are importing and giving American taxpayer money to them.  Obama and Hillary want to spend $67,000 per person to resettle Syrians to the United States as refugees from war, a war that Obama started, a war in which he armed ISIS to overthrow Assad.  Obama and Hillary started this war and now they want to move Moslems who hate America and want to impose Sharia law over the Constitution into our country and give them our money on which to live!

Social Security is meant for our citizens who worked all their lives and retired, NOT for illegal immigrants and Obamaites to come suck out the life blood from our seniors.  Remember Obama’s first State of the Union address when a Republican shouted, “You lie!” on the floor of Congress?  There was such an uproar of indignation that this should be done to America’s first black president!  The congressman who did it was chastised and called a racist.

Obama’s statement at which he cried out was a declaration that ObamaCare would never be given to illegals.  Now that is exactly what Democrats are doing!  Just as Rush Limbaugh predicted, whenever you give Democrats an inch they take a mile and keep on running with it!  Hillary wants to extend ObamaCare to illegals and “refugees,” along with giving them Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  If you’re over 65 living on SS and MC and voting Democrat you should have your head examined.  Voting for Hillary guarantees giving citizen’s money away to foreigners, but voting for Trump at least keeps American’s money in their own pockets with the hope that he can stop the corruption in Washington.

Democrats push to extend ObamaCare to illegals


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