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Groups in American culture have always been used to produce strength in numbers for unjust treatment, abuse by employers, religious rights, and protest about anything against the good and bad things in our culture.

Groups start as fighting for one thing to right a wrong but after doing so lingers on to intentionally seek out or develop something else to protest over. Those who manage the groups gain a power position and use it to glorify themselves as saviors of society. As our society became more liberal new groups have formed that break the law just to make their point. The problem has been more difficult to control and our groups of law enforcement of lesser numbers have been weakened by violent confrontations of large groups. They have recently been forced to stand down by their political overseers.

There are several reasons politicians do it and it could be fear, losing votes or just plain liberal ignorance.

This interference has emboldened these groups to loot, destroy private property and harm innocent people without the fear of prosecution but on the other hand we have unjust political prosecutors who destroy the careers of innocent police officers as was done so in Baltimore. The media advertises their activity and other group’s spring up disregarding the rule of law. Law enforcement and accused racism has become the main subject that radical groups are attacking today and it’s even crept into our schools producing division and hate. We have a president who approves of their cause but does nothing about their destructive methods.  His liberal managers are also looking the other way while giving the impression they are restructuring methods of law enforcement.

There is a saying that says you have to put your foot down to get things done, and I feel it will take a big foot like Donald Trump to stomp out the unlawful behavior of unruly groups in America.


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