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Greens – a Forgotten Danger

In 2008 I published a book on ‘The Global Green Agenda’. It was reprinted in 2009 with a foreword by leading climate scientist, Dr Tim Ball. It is a large tome with a few hundred references. A short while later, I wrote a critical analysis of the so-called ‘Green Bible’, because it contained the words of the Bible, but heavily corrupted by liberal, socialistic, pagan, anti-intellectual theology. (See details of both on my website, or go to Amazon).

For a while the Greens hid away, their major ‘culprit’, supposed Global Warming, no longer on the scene, and the chief scaremonger, Al Gore, conspicuously silent. Now, they are again on the rampage. Unfortunately, the Islamic terror stories have obscured and overtaken Green news, so they have been beavering away to create a larger, better offensive, unseen by most logical and scientifically-aware people in the world.

Greens – Useless but Dangerous

But, the Greens are still there. Their illogical, unscientific chatter continues, and their nonsense is again being spread to leaders in high places. Since 2008, nothing has really changed, and so the contents of my book remain spot-on. Thus, 14 years of accrued intellectual sewage has been backing up in the pipes of western society. It is now due to explode out the vents and pipelines!

In view of the recent Brexit from European totalitarianism, the book against Greens is still highly relevant. This is because it shows – and has been proved time and again by EU and UN directives – the true source and foundation of Green ideology. What is now called ‘environmentalism’ has been hijacked by Marxists and fascists. The Marxists are backed by the communist UN, and the fascists are backed by the dictatorial EU. But, I can assure you that ‘Greens’ are NOT concerned with the environment, and their ‘science’ is bogus.

You will find that Greens have their birth in both Russian communism and Hitler’s German machine. Both wanted to use environmentalism to track and control the people. Similar aims are found in Green recklessness today: the true aim is to bring in an onerous tax on every individual in the world, to ‘tackle climate change’ (they have swapped to this from ‘global warming’). Of course, just like global warming, no man can control the weather and climate! But, by using hot-headed (excuse the pun) arguments that are fuzzy and frothy, they hope to raise the heat on the subject and con people into submission. Simply ask them: “So, you tax me heavily. Now tell me how you will stop the wind and rain, and heat and cold!”

Their excuses are still based on the old and disparaged idea that human CO2 ‘causes’ climate change. This is like a small child hiding his eyes and saying (after being found out in an escapade), “The giant did it!” I repeat what I said in 2008 (and many times since) that CO2 does NO damage whatever to climate or to warming; there is no such thing as ‘the greenhouse effect’; wind farms are notoriously unstable and will never produce enough electricity for a whole nation; solar panels are foisted on householders, but they will never recoup the cost in their own lifetimes. There are many more bits of nonsense pushed by Greens.

Plenty of Fossil Fuel

Meanwhile gas and coal are used less and less even though there are sufficient fossil fuels to last the world many hundreds of years, and their use is more efficient. And there is more oil under the USA than in all the world put together – but Bill Clinton stopped it being taken from the earth and Obama is following a similar folly. The end result is much higher costs for wind and ‘green’ initiatives, and massive payments made to green suppliers who steadily collapse.

It is all a big fat con!

My book must have hit home, because none other than arch-enemy of true science, Michael E Mann, took time to try to humiliate me on the internet (it didn’t work), calling my criticism of his debunked ‘hockey-stick’ hypothesis, ‘stupid’. Yet, the hockey stick idea has been ravaged time and again by serious scientists! Mann, like so many ardent Greens, has corrupted science with lies and deception, Why? To keep getting funding from the government. It was rightly admitted in 2008 that any project NOT containing key words (global warming, climate change, CO2 caused by humans, etc) did not get funding. So, the unscientific corrupt bandwagon rolled in ungainly fashion through genuine science, crushing all dissent under the bogus wheels of ‘consensus’ (a killer of scientific enterprise and genuine research).

Now, the old enemies of freedom are at it again, forcing governments to be ‘responsible’ and to save the world. This is curious, for most of these fake ‘Greens’ also adhere to eugenics, people control by any means (especially starvation and death), heavy taxation, total control of means of food and energy… the whole Green scene is littered with ideas that come straight from Hitler’s scientists and Marxist mass control experiments.

Treaty of the Sea

Also gone unnoticed by most people in terroristic days, is the UNs headlong aim to completely rule the avenues of food distribution, via the VERY Marxist ‘Treaty of the Sea’ (look it up or read what it is about in my book, available from Amazon). To put it bluntly, the Treaty will be used to distribute food or stock it unused (The EU has been doing this for years under their CAP folly). In many ways this accomplishes the Revelation prophecy that warns of such a time. And it is coming very soon, unless the people stop it. It is just another form of genocide.

No, I am not trying to increase book sales – I make nothing from my books. My desire is simply to make people aware of ways being developed to silence critics and stop dissent, just as people are stopped from questioning, or complaining-about, Islamic terrorism. Search the facts for yourselves. As we head speedily towards a One World government, plans are already afoot to control you fully. All of us are already being controlled to a greater extent. Islam is not alone. The silent means of control by Greens is well established. Now get out there and stop their corruption!

Back in 2008 I saw how Greens were dictating terms to hotels. They managed to get hotels closed if they did not have appropriate ‘green’ certificates, which added nothing at all to their existence. So hotels took it all on board, and up went prices, as they pretended that greenism really meant something. It is why motels such as Travelodge have those annoying cards on their bathroom hot rails, saying we can ‘save the world’ by not putting towels and sheets out daily for renewing. Friends – it is just a scam. The real reason is that less washing means fewer staff and higher profits!

Companies like supermarkets also use similar tactics to ‘save the world’. See how many have zero-carbon (impossible) environments, etc. And costs go up. It is all one big farce… get off the bandwagon before you look really silly.



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