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You would think that a genius could not be fooled or that he would not take up the cause of the wicked to deceive the masses.

Stephen Hawking takes up the leftist cause

Stephen Hawking says he believes the global warming alarmists who say mankind’s pollution will kill the Earth.  The most important lesson to learn in life is understanding that everyone, no matter how venerable or honest, has motives to tell lies.  Intelligence is a curious thing when mixed with ego.  Dumb people believe they are smart, smart people believe they are geniuses, and geniuses believe they are so intelligent that they can do no wrong.  The beginning of wisdom is realizing how incredibly ignorant even the most intelligent person can be, and that stupidity may be more infinite than the universe.  Comprehending human nature is greater than comprehending the secrets of the universe.  The secret is that while all people are not criminals, all people are sinners, and all people will say and do things that are not always to the benefit of others.  That is why it is considered godly to be considerate of others and ungodly to be selfish.

Maturity is the wisdom of intelligence guided by experience.  Geniuses are more intelligent and knowledgeable than others, but they are not infallible.  Geniuses make mistakes, but more importantly, even a genius can be fooled.  When you give them misinformation they come to the wrong conclusions.  They are like a computer with junk programming.  When the input is garbage then the output is garbage.  Leftists have been predicting the end of the world forever – famine, floods, plague – then it became nuclear war.  Now it’s man-made climate change.  Forty years ago leftists told us the world was going into a new Ice Age, but then global warming began.  Then it became the Earth was going to burn up, but then global cooling began as climate change fluctuated as it always has.  The warnings that mankind’s pollution would destroy the ozone or cause terminal warming went up in smoke, so they tried to perpetuate the lie saying the heat sank into the oceans.  Fool me once…

Leftists like Al Gore have been saying that human life on Earth is doomed for half a century and would have ended a dozen times already if anything they said were true.  Forty years ago leftists were also saying that the Earth cannot support a human population and that if it exceeds four billion humanity would die off.  Now the population is over seven billion and still going strong.  That doesn’t stop leftists from declaring the Earth will become overpopulated and all of mankind will die.  While movies like “The Day After” depicting the devastation of nuclear war are useful warnings, movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” are liberal vomitus of junk science fantasy.  Then there are genocidal maniacs.  The Left always tries to smear the Right as being anti-human, but it is always leftists like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao who want to wipe out those they deem unworthy.  Movies like “Kingsman” and “Inferno” depict leftists who want to wipe out humanity to make life better for themselves.  This is the mentality of slavers.  The confusion in the minds of liberals between the Left and Right is due to leftist historians who teach them lies such as Nazis were the far right and Communists were the far left.  They teach that the Pharisees were conservatives and Jesus was a radical.  They teach that the English King was conservative and the American Founders were liberals.  None of that is true.  The true definition of Right and Left is that the Left is for tyranny and the Right is for liberty.

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

Leftists never focus of what is right and what is wrong.  For them there is no morality.  They think those who see morality as black and white are foolish because they are too lazy and too misguided to take the time to learn right from wrong.  They prefer to see everything as grey so they can ignore what is right and choose what is easy.  If they don’t learn from history that Democrats are the ones who wanted to keep slavery in the Constitution then they can be fooled by Democrats today.  The Republican migration from north to south during the Reagan years to escape the bondage of Democrat controlled unions is used to dupe them.  They are told to believe that Republicans became Democrats and Democrats became Republicans ignoring the reality of the ideologies of the Left and Right.  Southern Democrats believed in slavery, but today’s northern Democrats believe in socialism, which is just a watered down version of what it would eventually become – totalitarianism promoting fascism.  In the 21st century, totalitarianism is still the bane of mankind.  Imperialism, Nazism, Communism, and Islamism are all fascist totalitarian ideologies based on socialism.  Democracy has always been the weakest ideology against them because it always leads to a breakdown in society that devolves into tyranny.  On the true scale of Right vs. Left, democracy is in the shaky middle where people want to be free from both tyranny and responsibility.

Socialism, capitalism, and the American Way

Stephen Hawking should know better.  But even a genius can be fooled, confused, or take sides with those who want to deceive the rabble.  When Hawking urged students to be curious about the stars, he should also warn them to be curious about people, about themselves, their lives, and those that try to control them.  The motivation of the Left has always been to establish tyrannical control over others.  The Right vs. Left Paradigm is not as leftists teach.  They can’t even tell the difference between the kind of fascism of which they accuse Republicans of being guilty and the fascism they practice in their terror attacks against free speech.

Follywood Fascism

What we learn from movies is often not actual history but someone’s interpretation of history.  When you take the time to learn and examine the actual history then you will learn that movie makers often have an agenda that is skewed.  For example, “Kingdom of Heaven” about the Crusades depicted the Crusaders as evil men intent on conquest.  Their battle-cry, “God wills it,” and declaration that killing an infidel was the way to Heaven, was actually the Moslem way.  The Crusader’s cry was actually “Deus Vult” – God is great!  Moslem’s battle-cry was “Insha’Allah” – God willing!  Killing infidel’s as the surest way to Paradise comes from the teachings of Muhammad in waging Jihad, Holy War, against the unbeliever.  Anyone with moral understanding knows there is no such thing as a “holy” war.  Today’s Moslems like cry “Allahu akbar,” god is great, but their god is not so great when you examine what he has wrought, and if you actually learn from their teachings rather than just believe what you are told by leftists then you come realize their god is not the God of the Bible.

While liberals are predominant in Hollywood there are some good conservative Christians whose works gets through.  Although the movie “Interstellar” was based on the false premise that the Earth is going to die soon, there was one line that Hawking paraphrases to which all people should all pay attention;

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars.  Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” – Cooper, Interstellar

Leftists focus strictly on the earthly.  They ignore God and mankind’s divine creation.  They reject spirituality in favor of paganism.  This is the cause of their anxiety and the downfall of humanity.  Believing people are just animals is the primary cause of people behaving like animals rather than as human beings.  Rational thought and understanding the universe is more than scratching in the dirt and being in awe of the lights in the sky.  Understanding that there are people who would fool you in order to use you is more important than anything else in life.  Realizing that people are ruled more by ego than intellect and that many will lie, cheat, steal, or kill for the benefit of themselves at the expense of others will bring you farther in life than any science or religion.  As renowned neurologist Dr. Ben Carson says,

“I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me you’re right.”

The God hating Left consists of both atheists and Islamists who ally against Christians for the same reason the Communists and the Nazis allied against the capitalists.  If they can fool you into believing they have the answer to making your life better if you surrender your liberty to them then the war for your freedom, your life, and your soul will be lost.  We know we are here on this earth for a reason.  Realizing the answer to that question of why are we here, what we have got to learn, is the answer that is the most important lesson in life.  When you listen to others who tell you that you must harm others to force them to conform to how you believe they should behave, when they demand that you surrender your liberty to their guidance and submit to their will, then you should realize you are going down the wrong path.  There is a fine line between righteous liberty and becoming a control freak.  It’s like the difference between killing in self-defense and murder.  Those without moral values will justify murder as the world is seeing Islamists do today.  Because they hold power over others in the Middle East, just as the Nazis and Communists did over their nations in the 20th century, Islamists feel free to exterminate others.  But the people that brought them to power by being taught to surrender their liberty to them were misled, and that is how Democrats are convincing ignorant Americans to give up liberty and submit to the will of others.  They are the cause of America’s decline along with the decline of reason.  Hawking is not advocating for the advancement of mankind, but its descent into the darkness of surrendering to the Left.  If you want to be enlightened then you are far better off listening to the Cicero of our time – Rush Limbaugh – than to the Einstein of our time who seems to have gotten lost in the wilderness of leftist propaganda.  What leftists teach is not for your benefit, but their own.

That book that leftists plug on “How to Serve Man” – it’s a cookbook.

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