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Unlike The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – 2017 that was conducted via a stealth campaign to conceal the effects of Obama regime directives, the Great Trump Depression is not an economic depression, but a spiritual depression.  Liberal Democrats are in a grand funk as they watch Trump undo Obama’s socialist dictates and take the Left’s iron boot off of the throats of businesses allowing them to boom!  President Trump is taking action to close the borders to Obama Democrat’s importation of cheap labor and illegal voters seeking to live as parasites off of the American taxpayer.  Democrats have abandoned their façade of being champions of the working man and are now championing foreigners to overthrow America in the name of their other false narrative – “white privilege.”

There is no accurate measure of the percentage of the population that votes Democrat that details how many people actively hate the United States and want the greatest Constitutional republic in history to be destroyed, and what percentage have been so completely duped into believing that Democrats and socialism are beneficial to their prosperity and well-being.  Many voted for Obama on the foolish belief that they would get cheaper, even free, healthcare and education.  Many voted for Hillary believing she would fight for the rights of minorities and women.  The Left created the term “white privilege” as a way for Democrats to conceal their anti-American agenda by declaring Republicans to be racist against “brown people,” which is anyone not male of European descent.  Their Nazi thugs of Antifa and BLM have been rioting in attempts to silence the moral majority.  Social media of Facebook and Twitter are censoring conservative arguments to conceal the truth from their lemmings.  They are instead promoting socialism that has killed more people in the 20th century through genocidal wars than in all the wars throughout history.  Even though they are mostly atheists they are advancing the ideology of Islam as the best means of controlling the masses and tear down Christianity.  Leftist myths such as Islam advancing civilization in their “Golden Age” are all easily dispelled if one reads and learns from history.  Islam’s so-called Golden Age was in its first two hundred years in which they conquered Persia, North Africa, and Spain.  Their citizens, all Roman descendants, continued to make civilized advances until they were completely subsumed by Islam which made them a backwards, ignorant, servile populace of worker ants whose only knowledge was of the Koran.  The Left uses the ignorance of westerners who do not know Islam to import Islamists and inflict a new Jihad on Christianity.  They count on the ignorant foolishness of good-hearted Christian dupes to assist them in overthrowing Christianity.  Like Millennials duped into believing socialism is beneficial, Christians are as likely to lose their liberty and faith by voting for others to take them away and will then wonder how they came to grief.

Taking Christ Out of Christianity

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