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It is quite obvious that our new President is determined to act quickly and decisively to fulfill the promises that were made during his campaign for the Office he now holds.

He has made a surprisingly aggressive start amid the continued biased reporting that the main stream media present in a petulant response to their ongoing pitiful disregard for the voters who elected him based on those promises.

The sooner that the new voices of the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION begin to receive the attention of the CITIZENS who have not been getting truthful reports from the officials of the federal government and their advocates in the media. Progressive political programs and policy intended to make the government the dominant and driving force of society is not consistent with the TRADITIONAL VALUES of the USA. Our CONSTITUTION has not been “protected and defended” as the oaths taken required and hopefully will now begin again to provide the guiding principles of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and its actions both domestic and in foreign affairs.

President Trump will need to receive ongoing support from all citizens who voted for him and, hopefully, many more who were not sufficiently involved to bother to vote.


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Retired Officer of a Natural Gas Distribution Utility Company serving the shoreline of Connecticut. Currently remaining busy as a substitute at middle and high schools in the same area and enjoying the stimulation of todays youngsters. Intend to support return of traditional American Values.


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