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Do you know what America’s Grand Strategy means?  Grand Strategy defines the long-term goals to which a nation aspires and strives to achieve.

Right: Conservative Americanism vs. Left: Communist Globalism

Conservatives of the Right and Communists (who want to be called liberals to disguise their true nature) of the Left have opposing grand strategies for America’s future.  While this article is not a definitive examination of America’s Grand Strategy, it is an illustrative exposé of the conflict between Leftwing and Rightwing ideologies.  The Left and Right do not have competing visions of how to make America great.  How the Left believes America’s resources should be used, how her people should live, and how her government should be used are completely opposite from the Right’s ideal of America.  For example; President Bush established the NSA to provide national spying to root out terrorists so they could be stopped before committing their atrocities.  Mr. Obama used the NSA to spy on the TEA Party and stop Republicans before elections.  The result is that Americans were relatively safe from terror attacks during the Bush administration.  But under the Obama regime jihadis have successfully committed a major terrorist attack every year of his rule, plus hundreds of smaller attacks that have been deemed as “workplace violence,” “criminal assaults,” or the actions of psychotics.

America’s government was founded so that the nation’s leaders provided for the common defense.  But Democrats believe the government is to provide for the common welfare.  Where republicanism believes in providing equal opportunity, democratic socialism believes in providing equal outcomes.  The Left wants to keep people ignorant, destitute, and dependent on government to obscure their ideology of taking wealth for themselves and doling it out to those who serve them.  That’s why they endorse suppressing free speech and confiscatory taxation of all wealth so the rich do not create jobs or provide charity, while at the same time saying they are for free speech and lower government spending as they propagandize the people and put the nation into debt slavery.

There are two ways to acquire wealth.  Businessmen do so by providing a product or service they sell and trade for wealth.  Government, like criminals, does so by stealing from those who have wealth.  That’s why Democrats believe America became wealthy by stealing from the poor.  It’s also why Democrats believe the best way to become wealthy is by making slaves of the poor.  It is the reason that Democrats accuse Republicans of doing what they themselves do.  An examination of the stated agendas of each side reveals which is beneficial to the government and which is beneficial to the people.

Leftists believe America’s Grand Strategy should be globalization to reduce American power while empowering third world dictatorships via;

  • open America’s borders to all invaders as “refugees” and “dreamers”
  • share America’s wealth with the world from which they believe it was stolen
  • be a part of a global community and not the leader of the free world
  • award benefits to those who don’t work to make the indolent and dependent
  • punish the successful with high taxes as rightfully stealing from the rich
  • give criminals assistance and understanding rather than punishment
  • reward Mexicans who break immigration laws with jobs not paying taxes
  • import Sharia Islamist Jihadi terrorists as refugees to impose on the public
  • expand drug cartels to keep dependent welfare recipients dull and compliant
  • endorse fascism while calling GOP fascists and beat them into submission
  • oppress Christians and patriots to crush and transform America as founded

Conservatives believe America should continue the grand strategy that has made this nation the greatest in the history of the world, i.e.;

  • Allow only legal immigration of those who want to become Americans
  • Establish trade with other nations that is free and fair
  • Set the example as the best of nations for the free world to follow
  • Award those who strive to achieve while helping those who are handicapped
  • Lower taxes and spending to create more jobs and opportunity
  • Make crime so costly to criminals that crime doesn’t pay
  • Deport illegal immigrants, force home countries to repatriate their criminals
  • Ban Sharia and the death cult of Islam and kill all jihadi terrorists
  • Crush the drug cartels and reestablish law and order on the border
  • Smash the leftwing propaganda machine to re-establish truth in media
  • Marginalize the haters and bigots of the Left so they have no power

The Left has used infiltration of American culture to corrupt and indoctrinate America’s youth into their wrongheaded thinking, hateful ideology to promote Communist slavery over Capitalism that created the first Middle Class in history.  They have been discrediting Christianity while advocating atheism and Islamism as praiseworthy beliefs without expounding on the full history of each.  Leftists condemn Christianity for the Inquisition that leftwing infiltrators guided the Catholic Church to adopt in the Medieval Era to fight Islam as being oppressive and murderous.  Those propagandists conceal the billions of people killed and enslaved by their atheist and Islamist socialist ideologies.  Leftwing frauds like man-made climate change and Democrat propaganda like Trump stole the election with Russian help are their meat and potatoes, but truths like Obama corrupted the bureaucracy and wiretapped Trump are masked and mocked.

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The Left offers the people nothing but victimhood, greed, and envy, while the Right offers them self-reliance, a ladder to success, and the ability to build a better life for their children.  Leftists offer slavery to the government, while the Right offers liberty from the government.  Leftists offer a life of crime and servitude, while the Right offers a life in pursuit of happiness.  Democrats have given America nothing, but have taken vast amounts of wealth for themselves and their cronies.  It is unfortunate that the media climate has allowed half the GOP to emulate them and follow in their footsteps moving the nation to the Left.  All of their agendas are designed to dupe the people and lead them down the path that benefits only their masters.  The lack of a moral compass of these leaders and their voters leaves that nation declining.  With morality even the most intelligent liberal lacks the smarts of the dumbest conservative as Forrest Gump proved.

Just as the CBO told a trillion dollar lie about ObamaCare they are doing the opposite with Trump’s beginning the ObamaCare repeal.  With the Left anything their people do they propagandize as godly, while anything the Right does they portray as the spawn of Satan.  People who pay attention to what the government does knows the truth far better than those who just listen to what media propagandists say.  They may fool all of the people some of the time, but only some of the people can be fooled all of the time to remain their willing slaves.  The pity of their lives is that they cannot see the forest for the trees and threaten their brothers to remove the speck from their eyes when they cannot see past the tree in their own eyes.

America has gone down the left fork in the road and is heading toward a cliff.  The reason for the Right electing a businessman rather than a politician is that enough people have awakened to the reality of how corrupt America’s government has become.  It has taken decades to get here and, like Rome, America will fall if she continues to follow this path.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and didn’t fall overnight.  The seeds of her destruction were decades in the making.  It will take President Trump years to repair the damage done by the Obama to America’s economy, military, and diplomacy, and decades to root out morality destroying socialists from her educational system and culture who are destroying American’s prosperity and hopes for the future of their children and the peace of the world.

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