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Have you ever wondered why release of news of a major incident, either national or international, is delayed??   Sometimes for months??  Like the investigation of a government official??  Or the news of the recent capture of U.S. Sailors by Iran??

Why is that news delayed or classified??

I thought the first amendment meant the public had the right to news as it happened??  So why does the government intercept news and delay it’s release??  Yes, in time of War, the release of War news is ‘managed’ to assure the news doesn’t ‘aid the enemy’.  But in peacetime, why does the government ‘manage’ the release of national or international news??  In the case of the Iranian capture of U.S. Sailors, there was no reason to delay the release of that news.   Was the U.S. Government ‘managing’ those news to make sure the mismanagement of our Government’s action was not revealed until it could be ‘properly scrubbed’ and tempered so as not to incriminate government officials??

Another example of this would be the Benghazi fiasco where the news was delayed, managed and skewed by the government to fit their message.  In this case, much of the news is still being delayed.  Perhaps, the public will never know what really happened that night.  Especially what happened in the higher echelons of our government.

In the incidence of a major news item involving a foreign nation, our government immediately ‘slaps’ a ‘classification’ on the news.  Meaning that news is not available to the news media or the public.  Subsequently, the news of what happened is released in morsels the government can ‘control’ thereby ‘managing and shaping’ the information released to the public.  The public accepts the ‘classification of news’ as ‘normal’.   I DON’T.  If you stop and think about it, it is a way the government ‘manages the news’.   This is in violation of the first amendment.

Why do we continue to allow our government to ‘manage’ the news we hear??  I thought this happened in countries governed by Dictators or Autocrats, not in the U.S. where ‘freedom rings’.  But I was wrong, our news is managed by our government and many people don’t even realize it.  There is no reason to ‘delay’ most if not all the news in the world today.  We live in a peaceful world if you can ignore the extreme Islamic terrorism threat.  Meaning, if you want to censure some of the news about the activities of ISIS for security reasons, go ahead!!  But other than this, any interference by the government in the news community by artificially ‘classifying’ news is illegal.  News is news when it happens as what happened and not when the government feels it is news what the government feels is news.

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