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As BRITAIN tried to strengthen its IMPERIALIST position in The Colonies, the Colonists worked hard to maintain their own culture and religion. Our Patriots were committed to resisting the INTOLERABLE ACTS imposed upon them, in 1774, by the Britain’s King. They saw their opposition to the King’s dictates as the only safe way to protect their new-found liberty; and so fought for their independence.

Our Revolutionary War was thus based on the Natural law of Human Equality, Transgressions of the King, & the Peoples’ right to revolution.  Washington was elected as President because he had earned the trust and respect of the infant nation’s citizens.   He was seen as the logical individual who would continue to protect their country’s newly acquired liberty.

Can we compare THEN to NOW? Has our current government now gone too far?  Are we currently headed for another round of Imperialism? Have the criteria for leadership remained  the same?  Have trust & respect been eliminated in modern day?

I can only ask you to answer these questions for yourself. Let me just point out several observations I have made lately . . . . .

This year’s Presidential race appears more like an audition for Family Feud than a bid for the White House. The responsibility for the success of this country resides with its people.  That’s us!  We seem to have forgotten that.

Should we then compare ourselves to the Roman Empire? After a successful reign of almost 500 years, governmental corruption, political instability, erosion of their traditional values & morals, economic troubles – overspending, oppressive taxation, and inflation, all this contributed to their demise. Notice any similarities?

We tend to believe that can’t happen here….. But it can!   And it is!  If we don’t stop it!

It is important to reflect on history, and be able to learn from it. –Especially as we approach our country’s 240th birthday. Being so close to this year’s Presidential Election, as well, we should pause to reflect on what a true patriot stands for, what the real qualifications are for President, and what we want to choose for our future and our children’s future. If you don’t stand for something – you will fall for anything.

It is easy to be moved by the July 4th holiday celebrations.  Flag waving, fireworks, family reunions, political speeches & ceremonies, are plentiful this time of year.  But we should not be fooled by these mere symbols of Patriotism.  We may be the called Most Patriotic nation in the world” according to a survey by The University of Chicago [National Opinion Research Center], but Patriotism requires much more than lip service.

I believe, to be Patriotic, one must do more than simply wave a flag, light firecrackers, grill hot dogs,  or play Patriotic music.  Patriotism is something felt with the heart…..but requires action on our part to keep it strong and viable. We must commit to making our country stronger.  We must maintain our loyalty to that certain set of principles on which our country was founded.  Our policies have to re-align with  our Founders principles in order to “restore” America to its prior glory.  THAT’S what will “Make America Great Again!”  Then we can reclaim our rights to the Pride we have already lost.

We must restore limited government as originally laid out in the Constitution.  Its laws have already been abused numerous times thru the creation of countless agencies exercising “unlawful” law-making powers of pompous officials in all 3 branches of government,  and overlooking the apathy and/or ignorance of a significant number of our citizens.  The sanctity of the Constitution has been fractured by all the self-interest factions now in existence.  “Unconstitutionality” can only get worse – and will continue to do so.  UNLESS . . . . .

We can stop this process!  Or maybe just slowing it down is the most we can hope for right now.  It will require constant vigilance to protect it from further change/abuse, or misinterpretation made by those who seek to impose their will upon the nation, and erode our rights even further.  Vigilance IS the price of Freedom!

The Founders thought education was critical to maintaining our government. That means everyone!  We must first educate ourselves, then our children.  Bring back the responsibility for education closer to home. It does not belong in the hands of the Federal Government where it is easier to control what is taught.  Get back to basics – Reading, ‘Riting & ‘Rithmatic’; honor our country’s traditions/ milestones, honor the Veterans who fought to keep us free, and most importantly – take an active part in safeguarding our freedoms.  This means participating in elections – and holding our elected officials accountable for what they do.

To protect our liberties, we have to reject policies that will destroy our freedoms, follow the Natural Rule of Law that all men are created equal, believe that we all of us have certain inalienable rights . . . . . life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, be able to make our own decisions; not have a bureaucracy decide for us decisions- Not have the Government decide for us what is in our best interests.

We have a long way to go – but as they say, “we didn’t get here overnight”.

I hope we have not already run out of time.

So as the century old typing exercise states: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

Make this your time to begin restoration of the values that made our country great!

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