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Just ahead of the 2022 election cycle, the GOP has soared to its highest favorability rating in the generic ballot yet, making itself far more popular than Democrats prior to this key election year.

Before getting into the numbers, it is important to note that the Democrats are almost always up — often double digits — over the Republicans, even in years when the GOP turns up the winner on Election Day. So, to have the GOP in the lead like this, it is amazing, indeed.

According to a new Monmouth, the numbers for the Democrats are not good at all. Republicans now lead 51/43 on the generic ballot:

Currently, 26% of American adults identify themselves as Democrats, a number that ranged from 30% to 34% in Monmouth polling throughout last year. Republican identifiers currently stand at 31% of the population, which is up from a range of 23% to 27% in 2021. Moreover, when these numbers are combined with independents who say they lean toward either party, Republicans (51%) have a decided advantage over Democrats (41%).

Hot Air added:

“Which side cares more about the financial well-being of average people?” should be a slam dunk for the redistributionist party, especially after it just devoted so much energy to trying to pass a bill that would extend the child tax credit and provide paid family leave. Instead, Biden and the Dems fare no better than Trump and Republicans do on that question. And they do so even though Build Back Better itself polls solidly here, with 61 percent at least somewhat supportive of the bill.

How does that square? Is it a “messaging problem,” the terms in which lefties typically like to frame their failures? I don’t think so. I think it’s a prioritization problem, with voters frustrated that Democrats continue to obsess about BBB while the average joe is worried about inflation. Monmouth’s data bears that out: Only 24 percent of Americans, including less than half of Democrats(!), say that passing the bill should be a top priority. The country’s anxious about inflation and disappointing jobs reports, not paid family leave. Insofar as Republicans understand that while progressives appear not to, the GOP wins the contest of which party is more in touch with the common man economically.

The important part for the midterms is that the generic ballot numbers in Monmouth’s poll aren’t an outlier. Other recent polling has showed Republicans scoring 48, 49, 53, even 56 percent on the generic ballot. Five different surveys this month (including Monmouth’s) have them leading by six points or more.

Also, you should realize that these numbers are coming from mainstream media outlets. And that means the real numbers are probably even better for the GOP!

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