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If Trump loses this election, the GOP Establishment will blame constituents of the party. I would like to remind them of this:

You created this.

You became more concerned about the preservation of your elitist existence than you were concerned about the reality of the economic situation of the Average American. You started two multi trillion-dollar, decade long wars that sent our men and women into harms way with no clear objective for ultimate, final victory. We haven’t won a war since we dropped the bomb. You said that you would either defund Planned Parenthood and/or act on late-term abortions; neither came to pass. The Affordable Care Act is here and the following have risen dramatically: premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums. Yeah, we can’t be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition and there are no lifetime maximums… BUT WE CAN’T AFFORD THE STUFF TO BEGIN WITH; all of you can though.

No worries, right?

You promised to attack executive immigration decrees and out-of-control spending by creating a vacuum of available funds… and the debt sits at almost $21T; nowhere close to long-term sustainable. In fact… you gave the White House no debt ceiling, a blank check for free-for-all spending. Student loan debt has overtaken consumer revolving credit card debt; it crushes the middle class and you are complicit in allowing banks to charge interest rates double what it costs to buy a house, automobile, or recreational vehicle. Large banks profit off of the backs of the people you “helped” go to school. You are able to pay for your children’s education.

So, no worries there, right?

Regulatory burden on private land owners is at an all-time a high. A Wyoming rancher faced $20M in fines over a pond; an elderly Montana man stands to go to prison over a stock pond; two Oregon ranchers sit in prison because their backburn and Juniper control burns (which the Gov’t does anyway) spread onto “public” land… not one of you have done anything more than issue a terse statement of condemnation.

But you aren’t going to jail, so no worries, right?

This isn’t about Donald Trump.

It’s about each of you. It’s about the fact that you wake up every day consumed with the minutia of your Federal existence; endless hours in committees, lunches with lobbyists, wholesale subscription to a party platform that isn’t doing anything to protect the ideals that you claim to stand for.

For decades you had the convenience of hiding in the obscurity of technological infancy… now we see everything. Social media, live streams, instant access to information and a never-before-seen glimpse into the existence of our representatives; and we hate what we see. Career politicians that have no skin in the game.

Keep it up. We are steamrolling away from a Constitutional Republic toward the death throes of Representative Democracy.

History will remember you a clown posse of suit-wearing pencil pushers that lit the fuse of a bomb placed right in front of them.


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