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Loving parents, playful children, the aroma and sight of beautiful flowers, pristine mountain streams, lush green meadows, “deer and antelope playing,” dense rain land forests…. If there is a ghost of a chance the wonderful and desirable things of life did not come by chance, but were made for our enjoyment and use; shouldn’t we at least one time in our lives look up and say? “Thank you:)”

That, my friends, is a taste of natural religion. Gratitude. Gratitude to our Maker, perhaps just to be on the safe side. Gratitude, nonetheless. And likewise, gratitude to those close by who have been helpful and kind to us. That is basic religion, basic humanity: gratitude to God and man. It’s a little more difficult, a lot for most, to be equally thankful for disease, pestilence, war, slavery, and our many other human sufferings; maybe because we can blame the one who aspired to be God’s equal, who later laid siege to Eden, who is now inside the gates pillaging the village he’s taking.

Hmm Perhaps Hillary knows It Takes a Village, to be taken. When the walls, the doors, and the windows come down; what’s left? No families. No rival institutions. No cities, towns, or villages. No state sovereignty. No national sovereignty. No one room for males. No one room for females. No beliefs that offend the sameness or require allegiance to anyone or anything, other than an allegiance to those who would suppress what comes natural to most everyone on the planet, gratitude.

Gratitude opens a door to further understandings of our humanity and our place in the universe. It’s lack leaves us on the wrong side of the door, in a romper room of sorts. Not the innocent Romper Room once, long ago shown on TV of children playing and adults modeling exemplary human behavior; but a Lord of the Flies romper room: evidence of shipwreck and the helplessness of being left alone in the universe. It’s a survival of the fittest, children modeling Dumb and Dumber as if it were adulthood romper room. The consequences of ingratitude based romper rooms are on display for us to learn from:

Christian trading his humanity for a dominant’s identity in the Grey romper room. Caitlyn by forfeiting her manhood, trading blissful wedded life for trysts and photo spreads in the LGBT romper room; And Mitt, dear Mitt, trading his integrity for influence, power, privilege, and perhaps a third party run for the office of President in the Establishment romper room.

The Grey and Establishment romper rooms feature doors for entry and exit. The LGBT romper room curiously enough has no doors. The Grey and LGBT romper rooms have no windows. The windows into the Establishment romper room are most peculiar. Outsiders looking in see only what the members inside want those outside to see. Occupants peering out see exactly what they want to see. Additionally, the Establishment romper room has no roof. No limits. That was all very interesting. Now let’s get around to membership requirements for the various romper rooms.

Membership in the Grey romper room is open only to submissives, usually one at a time. Membership in the Establishment romper room is by invitation only, to useful dominants and submissives of high and low standards. It’s very exclusive. Membership in the LGBT romper room is mandatory. No one is exempt. Almost anyway. No walls. No windows. No doors. No doors or windows are possible if the walls necessary to support and brace them are absent. Eventually all churches, temples, pastors, priests, and all Christians and Jews will be participating members of the LGBT romper room. Because the ISIS romper room provides free flying lessons to their LGBT novices, it’s generally thought Muslims will be exempted from the membership requirement yet to be enforced on all Christians and Jews. Christian bakers, whether they like it or not, are already members and active participants of the LGBT romper room. So are Christian wedding planners, state and federal officials including Kim Davis, military chaplains, also Christian and Jewish grade school, high school, and university students. Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama is an unwilling participant. To the extent he has been suspended, he is an unwilling submissive of the LGBT romper room’s pervasiveness.

Bill Kristol has his heart set on the establishment of a new romper room, one that foreshadows a resplendent display of ingratitude. Right before our very eyes we might see its creation, from infancy. We know what the third party romper room will become because we know what previous and other existent romper rooms have produced: one size fits all that fits no one, open borders no walls freedom that erases any individual’s “Pursuit of happiness,” promises of sharing the wealth that manufacture for us no borders, no walls pocketbooks and wallets romper rooms. Yeh. That kind of romper room.

Bill, it’s time to be thankful to the voters for their Trump choice and leave romper room creation to the least grateful among us. Leave romper room building to those who disparage what sets Americans apart from the impostors among us; to those who promote democracy at any cost over and above the limited constraints on power and privilege imposed upon this republic founded on the bedrock of individual liberties. Lest you exacerbate and quicken the demise of the Republican party, a party by the way that looks more and more like a democracy infested romper room than a reflection of the Republic our nation was designed and purposed to be; turn away from your intent that can only end poorly. Americans of all stripes will thank you.


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