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GOP NeverTrumpers have a new excuse for casting their vote for Hillary’s corruption to keep their tax stealing gravy train going.  They condemn Donald Trump’s lewd words, but are okay with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s rapes of women.  It’s high time that the GOP grow a pair!

Trumpsters cry shame on Paul Ryan for balking

Liberal morality – Trump is guilty of a sin, while Clinton is guilty of crimes.

Liberals say the Clintons are innocent of their crimes because their corrupt friends haven’t charged them, but they’re ready to convict Trump of a capital crime for his words.  They condemn Donald Trump who not only was not been charged with a crime, but didn’t commit any crimes that had to be covered up.  He didn’t even do anything abnormal, while Bill Clinton is visiting Pedophile Isle with his convicted pedophile running buddy, and Hillary is violating National Security and selling political favors to foreign governments and her Wall Street donors.

If you would condemn Trump to death for lusting after a woman then you would condemn all men to death because all men are attracted to beautiful women and that’s how we all talk among ourselves.  Men who deny this are the same pussies who deny they ever masturbate.  Women do the same when they are out of earshot of men.  These condemnations are the lowest form of self-righteous hypocrisy that fits right in with Muhammadism.

In the Bible coveting your neighbor’s wife is a sin from the Ten Commandments, but it’s not a crime.  In Islam, women who are raped are convicted of adultery and stoned to death, but the men who committed the rape are not punished.  In America 90% of men and women commit adultery being defined biblically as having sex outside of marriage.  Suddenly liberals are all up in arms about immorality, but say we must accept the adulteries of Bill and Hillary as morally normal.  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone – and liberals are letting fly!

Defying Tyranny, not Defending Morality

Hillary’s two-faced campaign promising banks billions while p*ssing on voters


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