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While reading through articles, I fell into a sewage hole of misinformation by one who does not know how to vet, or gathers facts prior to writing a hit piece.


My first question is what experience does Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson have defending Americans and American Freedom? Tell Me Mr. Knapp.

“In what universe is McMullin “a sound alternative” to any of the top three (by polling) candidates for president?” So you believe that the Presidency should be a popularity contest, even when it means people will follow someone off the proverbial edge? What military experience does Donald Trump have? Would you include his “spurs” as experience? I believe that allowing 4 great Americans to die in Benghazi excludes Hillary, and when one discusses Gary Johnson, let us just state Allapo…

“Apart from a year as a Goldman Sachs investment banker, McMullin appears to have spent his entire adult “working” life on one government teat or another. First the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Than the CIA. Then Congress (as an advisor/policy director to House Republicans). Almost no private sector experience, zero electoral political experience, and so far as it’s possible to tell (I’m allowing for the opacity of CIA employment here), zero executive experience.” So working to assist small businesses in growing and beginning to hire more people is not a qualification for knowledge of the cost of running a business? Do you consider 6 failed businesses as a successful run? Do you consider giving favors in return for mega payments as helping the middle class? Working in an atmosphere that at any point you could be ambushed, killed, or kidnapped, only later to have your head decapitated is living off the government? So one can easily see you are a biased jester, aren’t you? And the electoral experience that Donald Trump has is???ctjqz8hvuae2ets

“He’s also only on the ballot in 12 states representing a maximum potential 84 electoral votes. He’s a write-in candidate in 18 states, bringing his maximum potential up to a winning 317 electoral votes (that’s per Wikipedia as accessed this morning — I suspect Richard Winger of Ballot Access News might offer different, more accurate, numbers). He’s neither on the ballot, nor a write-in option, in two of the three largest states (he’s a write-in in Texas, but totally absent as an option in California and Florida).” And Mr. Knapp, just exactly how many delegates would it take for Evan to cause the constitutional process of having the House of Representatives to elect the President? Believe me that bullying, and paying off politicians will not work there. Allowing congresspeople to be killed will not help there, and smoking marijuana will not assist you in that. You actually need a fully developed brain and plan to assist America in getting its growth, freedom, and security back to being unmatched globally.

Thomas L. Knapp is  not “a sound writer,” he’s a punchline. One only needs to take two moments of time to be wasted to see that this whole article: On liberty, me is nothing but a hit piece without fact or information.  . You can waste 2 minutes of your time reading it, or I have quoted his whole dissertation within my rebuttal.



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