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Google claims it’s an Accident, that Wikipedia was invaded, it shouldn’t have happened, the term NAZISM was listed on the California’s Republican Website as a goal of the GOP.  On the surface all of the name calling found on the search engines, Facebook and other left leaning social media looks like juvenile, elementary school name calling.  In reality, it’s the usual bomb throwing and dirty politics of the socialist left leaning organizations and individuals who don’t have a message and want to misdirect scrutiny away from themselves.

The term NAZI is a corrupted acronym of NATIONAL SOCIALIST, the full name of the NAZI party is “NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS PARTY.”  They are left wing Fascist, Fascism is the jack boot method used by police states to control and govern.  This is the same tactic used by the Socialist on the University Campus to stop free speech and shut down any resistance to their behavior.    If the socialist want to find a NAZI all they have to do is look in a mirror.


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