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There have been a bajillion diets put on the market.  All of them claimed you would lose weight.  Some included minimal exercise, some required low carbs, low fat , mixed carbs, and  even a pile of pills that simply made the effort of dieting effortless. You would think with all this trial and error dieting we would be a nation of sveltes but alas our propensity for blubber continues to seek the holy grail of slenderness. But fear not, I have a concoction that is sure to please the seeker of thinness and the anti -exercise fanatic intent on reducing his or her dress size.

This program for caloric tempering has all the features of taste enticement and a rhythm of denial that will bring you down to fighting weight in no time and you will never have to deprive yourself of anything.  This magnificent answer to the dieters dilemma is called the Good Cookie Diet and it is so simple and so perfect you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been on the market.  As the name implies it begins with a good cookie. Now a good cookie is not just any old cookie and it cannot come from some cardboard package stored in a musty warehouse and left to dry out on grocery store shelves.  No ,a good cookie must be fresh and that means home made.  My  favorite is chocolate chip but you are free to use any good home made cookie you wish as long as it is home made.

Now to get a really fresh home made cookie you should have only the freshest of ingredients.  And the more ingredients you can grow yourself the better.  This will become clear as the regimen of the “diet” is unfolded.  Let’s start with the ingredients needed and see how just acquiring these ingredients will burn calories and begin the weight loss process.  First you need some flour and unless you can grind your own ( which is preferable) you need to go shopping at a location you can walk to ( the longer the walk the better).  After you acquire the flour and bring it home look on the recipe for the next ingredient, sugar.  Now you know sugar is fattening so you can either use a substitute like Splenda  or you can find a grocery store carrying sugar located far enough away to walk and fetch it.  Next on the list is brown sugar and the same procedure is recommended.  Remember your primary goal is to create the very best cookie you have ever tasted.  The accompanied weight loss is merely a side effect.

In your search for the perfect good cookie you will not settle for any ingredient that is easily obtained, is not as fresh as you can obtain it and must be personally shopped for in as many grocery stores within walking distance as you can find.  For those located in a rural environment a one day trip including multiple items is permissible if the distance is over five miles.  This method of obtaining the ingredients is not only stimulating to the appetite which makes the good cookie taste even better it is also a great metabolism booster to burn those nasty little fat globules that attach to you as you stare at the screen and curse the news.  The stress release of this phase is also health enhancing.

Now suppose you have acquired all of the ingredients and are ready to bake.  Do not taste the raw dough.  This will negate any hope you have of realizing the full benefit of this enjoyable program.  Anticipation of the taste of the completed cookie is the final goal and must not be short circuited just as the acquiring of ingredients wasn’t. When the ingredients have been properly sifted and combined ,the hand beating to the dough is critical. Blend and beat the dough until the consistency is perfectly smooth.  If your hand gets a cramp this is a good sign the job is almost done. give a few more swirls and gaze upon the mixture now ready to receive the nuts ( better hand picked , cracked  and the meats picked out ), the chocolate chips ( bought from the very farthest confection shop you can walk to ) and perhaps even some candy bits but these must be independently transported a bag at a time from the closest candy store you can find that you can park at least a mile away from.

Now you are ready to bake.  A wood stove with an oven that requires you to split the wood to generate the heat is ideal and gives the cookie a hickory roast flavor ,but if all you have is a gas or electric stove you can get by.  Carefully preheat the oven and measure meticulously each table spoon of cookie dough onto the cookie sheet.  Take your time to be sure the dough is symmetrically placed.  After checking the oven has reached the proper temperature, carefully place one sheet of properly placed cookie doughs into the oven and don’t set the timer.  Start cleaning up the dishes you have dirtied by washing and drying by hand as you periodically check the oven for the progress of the cookies.  When they have fully risen and are beginning to brown on the bottom ( this requires a little practice to determine the degree of doneness) take them from the oven and let them cool for at least five minutes.  Finish cleaning up the kitchen, sweep the floor and empty the trash. If you have time throw a load of clothes in the washer.  Never eat a cookie after 4:00 p.m.  These cookies taste best after a light lunch of yogurt and fruit.

Inform your significant other that you have a treat for lunch and make plans to indulge in  a cookie once a week together.   A light herbal tea is also permissible with the lunch.  Don’t let the cookies get stale or you will have to make another batch.  The idea is to prolong the savoring of the cookie as long as possible so freezing is acceptable.  But you will find as you are participating in the good cookie diet not only will you  inadvertently be losing weight you will wonder how you ever lived without that cookie every other week.  if you are not satisfied with your progress you can always go to twice a month.  Should you decide to eat the cookies up faster you will then find you will have to repeat the process of baking another batch which you know will get your metabolism up to compensate for the extra cookie eating.  A major no-no is the eating of more than one cookie a day and definitely none after 4:00 p.m.

Now you see after a few batches of the good cookies you will begin to see results.  You will look forward to making a better batch each time and you will reach out to the furthest locations for your purchases of ingredients.  The more you strive for the perfect cookie and the moderate enjoyment of the taste (gluttony kills the good cookie taste) the better you will like what you see in the mirror.  And this whole quest will consume you until you think ,” yes I think I could wear a bikini”.  Meanwhile you will look forward to seeing how long you can postpone the taste that melts in your mouth.  The longer between indulgences the better the taste.

Try this program and if it doesn’t work for you then try a different cookie recipe.  This program has no guarantees, but it will get your mind off of the agony of dieting.

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