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God has had a distinct role in our heritage. He has been part of our history since before Columbus, thru the creation and ratification of our Constitution, and beyond.  Many feel that God should get the credit for guiding and inspiring our early leaders in their early struggles for freedom.   The Founders writings were used to establish our God-given rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

The more we eradicate religion and faith from society, the more vicious and criminal our culture becomes. History has written that many nations have been destroyed for the same reasons  that saturate our society today.  There has been a deliberate, calculated attempt to hide God’s word from our Nation.  And, of course, the more un-godly society we enable –the more it enables itself.  There are some leaders, even, who have claimed to “be” God.  They and they alone, cannot be tried, or found guilty of anything.  Justice for them is paid for from someone’s pocketbook.  All you have to do is turn on the news to see for yourself.

Our youth today is at a tremendous disadvantage. Those who should now be ready to enter society as adults do not have the necessary qualifications to do so.  The directions that were left for us by our ancestors have been removed from the history being taught in our schools today.   The younger generation  has no clue.  It does not have a thorough, truthful and correct understanding of our history.  The principles that have successfully allowed our nation to endure have all but disappeared.  Modern textbooks “revised” our history to eliminate the role played by the Bible & Prayer.  Public schools no longer mention God. An entire generation is ignorant of what God’s role has been in the establishment of this Nation, Our Government, and the Greatness of our Country.

Is it any wonder why we find ourselves in such a mess?

There are many today who enjoy this country’s blessings without honoring and giving the glory to God. We have made it easy for parasites  and sponges to feast at our table.  They consistently take advantage of our hospitality, generosity, and welfare.

Our future depends on returning to the principles that made us (and will continue to keep us) great.  It is time for us to get off the fence and take some action.   I believe that God wants to see us recover from this downward spiral.  It has always been His eternal watchfulness that has enabled us to become the great and free nation that we are.  To me, it is obvious that God has made America great.  Our way of life, when centered on the Christian principles of justice, love and freedom, has enabled us to reap great benefits.  God has smiled on America as He has never smiled on another nation in the history of the world.  But we must change what we’re doing, or lose it all.

Consider this:

The Pilgrims settled in a strange land “for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” The Puritan government had its foundations in the Mosaic Law (Leviticus & Deuteronomy) in the Holy Bible

Providence – which would become Rhode Island – did not require ‘uniformity of religion’ but did hold religious liberty as a “Natural right”.

The Connecticut colony had an annual Thanksgiving to God.

Our nation has grown, thrived, progressed and expanded as a democratic republic under the watchful eye of the Almighty. No other country has been so founded, protected or blessed since Biblical times.  We are assured that God will never desert us if we continue to look to Him for guidance.

After the Civil War, there was a tremendous increase in taxes, the accumulation of large debts, corruption, fraud, profiteering, lower moral standards, extravagant living and contraband trade. Political graft and corruption were alive and well in the country.  Members of Congress & other high officials had mistresses and prostitutes who became their secretaries in government offices.  Newspapers told of corruption in awarding war contracts, and outright theft by those in authority.  Morals and moral standards were at their lowest ebb.

All of the above cried for a spiritual awakening. People became hungry for the “Gospel”.  So then entered the small country rural church after the Civil War – and lasted well into the 20th century.

History reveals that most of our national leaders have been men of faith – and belief in God – who have read the Bible and prayed for guidance. President William McKinley, in his last speech said:

Our earnest prayer is that God will graciously vouchsafe prosperity, happiness and peace to all our neighbors, and like blessings to all the people and powers of earth.”

Theodore Roosevelt read the Bible and used it as a practical guide in his fight for economic and social justice in America.

In his early career, Woodrow Wilson often made speeches in Churches and before various other groups on the Bible and religious themes. When the League of Nations failed, and Wilson was told, his reply was simply “You can’t stop Almighty God.”    He pointed out to the American people that the only hope for the future was Spiritual redemption.

After WW 1, the familiar after-war pattern of high prices, crime waves, lower moral standards, reckless living, forgetting God and what e had done far fo .  Then – more political & social instability.  He hadHe

He had done for them. Then more political and social instability.    And again, the masses paid no attention to the warnings.

Then –We entered the years of the GREAT DEPRESSION.  Is it unreasonable to merely ask if forgetting God could have been a factor in bringing all this about?

Recovery from this was long and hard. Then came the most terrible war in all human history.  World War II.  This was a threat to Democracy and freedom throughout the   world.  As usual, in times of adversity, we turned to God for help!  President Truman commended Bible reading for the troops in 1941.  In 1952 he signed a bill into law, making the National Day of Prayer an annual event on the first Thursday of May, encouraging millions across our nation to unite together to pray. Even today, a message about the country’s faith in God is carried throughout the world on our coins and paper currency. The phrase is on our buildings, vehicles, national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance…..

There can be no doubt that God has helped see us through our many struggles.

So why don’t we call upon Him again – like NOW?  Invite Him to the Convention(s)for starters!

God America TrustThere’s great power in uniting together, turning our hearts towards God, and praying on behalf of our nation.

We are still “One Nation under God.” He is where our real hope is found, not in our leaders, not in the economy, not in the condition of our nation today, or any other day. “…my hope comes from Him.” Ps. 62:5   We ask that He would appoint strong, faithful men and women to serve this nation and our people.

Faith is our only hope for the Future. It provides us with an anchor of security that others do not have.  As long as we stay close to God and His teachings, our Nation will live and prosper.  Our history has proven this time and time again.

There are many who wish to return to our roots – but much of our current National Leadership has turned away from God and the Bible. And too many of our citizens have become complacent, which gives evil a free hand.

Prayer and the Bible have been removed from our schools and many other public places. Court decisions have resulted in legalized murder of the innocent unborn.  Sin & other sexual indecency are being served to our children.  Character, integrity, purity & righteousness are not only unpopular these days; they do not even seem to be recognized in the younger generation.

It is the fingerprint of God upon our heritage that shows why we became a great and free nation. May God help us to get back to God, back to the Bible, back to basics, back to our heritage!

May we stand together and pray for God to heal our land, and strengthen His people. May we pray for all those in authority. May we pray for God’s miraculous intervening, for blind eyes to be opened, for many to see the power of our Lord as never before.

God’s generous offer still stands. His verse for the formula of recovery: 2 Chronicles 7:14


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