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If Donald Trump has the favor of the God of Israel, Trump will win. He will overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. His enemies will be thwarted at every turn and their every scheme shall come to naught.

If Donald Trump is appointed by the Creator, despite his obvious and many shortcomings, it will show us Christians that God does indeed employ the simple to confound the wise, the weak to defeat the strong. (First Corinthians 1:27)

The God of Israel ordained the nations and their borders. I believe he raised Trump up to political prominence for just such a time as this; just as Esther’s time to speak came at a most inopportune moment, Mordecai, her uncle, encouraged her to speak rather than to remain silent in the face of great evil.

God, the Creator, loathes a world under a single humanist government. He expressed His opinion of globalism already, back when the people spoke the same language. He thwarted the globalists then, and He is about to thwart them again.

“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.” (Act 17:26)

Despite the almost absolute certainty the Britons would vote to remain in the European Union, God had other plans. He put a stumbling block before the children of disobedience, and they tripped over it in spectacular fashion. But, never fear, ye sons of the serpent, though blind to your surroundings, the political establishment is going to stumble again and again because of their pride.

The greatest mistake made by the children of the French Revolution was to try to destroy what God wrought upon this continent. Two hundred forty years ago, God inspired men of vision to throw off the shackles of an arthritic empire and become the greatest of all nations in the earth.

But the descendants of French Revolutionists, those calling themselves “Leftists”–a name chosen specifically to show their symbolic solidarity with the goats of the Bible–these self-proclaimed enemies of the Most High set about to progressively destroy the Christian foundations of the United States and to “transform” us into a nation more to their liking.

Our Constitution, John Adams said, was written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other. I might add, too, especially when the political class ignores the constitution entirely or claim it to be a “living, breathing” document that can say what they want it to, when the want it to; rather than a clear and concise set of rules restricting what the federal government can do, not the people.

The Lord has been patient with us because we are the nation He ordained for His own purposes: from sea to shining sea. It was no accident we became the world’s only superpower. It is no coincidence that Obama has made us the steaming pile of hummus we are today.

God is not mocked–not for long, anyway. And now, He has unleashed his judgment, not on America as many Christians might assume. No, He has unleashed his wrath against the children of disobedience around the world. He is the God of War, and He has declared opposition to the Left around the whole world, not just in America.

In case none of you have noticed, Donald Trump won the GOP primary by doing the opposite of what conventional wisdom says is necessary to be elected POTUS.

In case you haven’t noticed, Britain voted to return to self-governance, to keep their identity as Britons instead of remaining as faceless Europeans, helpless against the foul breath of dictatorial rule from Brussels.

In case you haven’t noticed, Italy just ousted socialists from rule over nineteen of twenty cities.

In case you haven’t noticed, Austria’s elite political class brazenly stole the election that would have installed a nationalist government—a result that will not stand too much longer.

In case you haven’t noticed, France, Italy, and Holland are demanding a referendum on the Union. Switzerland has pulled its application for membership.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is 2016, the Year of Jubilee.

The United States is going to be great again because God has plans for us we know nothing about. We are to, as from the beginning, evangelize the world. We are to protect the State of Israel from the enemies surrounding her that wish to destroy what God has planned for His people.

There is a spiritual battle taking place none of us can see, only the effects of the war. And no one’s opinion about Trump matters a whit. None of the snide comments about kool aid and personality cult means anything.

If God has not ordained Donald Trump as the next president, then the globalists will finish off a free and independent nation of people, including us Christians. But, if God has ordained Trump so God can make America great again, none of you–not George Will, not Bill Kristol, not a single #NeverTrumper–none of you will stop him.

If I were Hillary Clinton, George Soros, or the juveniles holding a sit-in on the floor of Congress, I’d be very, very worried. But, tip your hats to the Leftists among us, their insane resistance to the Creator will not stop, not even after they beg the rocks to fall on them to hide them from the face of the One to Come.




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