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Last night was an amazing moment to watch as the populace of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.

All the pundits, the liberal media Obama and The British Prime Minister had said it would be a mistake and unwise for Britain to leave the Union. Despite all the elites, the media, and the talking heads who think that they are far wiser than the average joe out there got it right.  What happened in Britain is a preview of coming attractions in the USA. We already have seen the rise of Trump and his “Build a Wall” mentality. Either the populace of Great Britain watched Mr Trump or they just stepped out their front door, looked around and said “I don’t recognize my country anymore”

We watched the infantile Democrats staging sit ins and chanting and ranting about gun control reliving their college days of pot and protests with Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren bringing doughnuts for stamina. In all their hours of chants and rants they never mentioned the words RADICAL ISLAM . Poor Louie Gohmert of Texas tried to bring that to their attention but they were having none of that. That would be too much common sense for this bunch. And we were all reminded of The infamous Mr Lewis of Georgia who fought for civil rights only to betray everything he supposedly stands for by not standing up for the civil rights of anyone on a no fly list that would not be allowed to purchase a gun with little due process for getting lifted from that oh so secret list. So  with all due respect for Mr Lewis you showed yourself to be a hypocrite by abandoning your values.

Regardless last night’s vote showed that when you ignore the people for such a long period of time the people finally wake up and they show you that they have had enough. For the last few years under Obama’s lack of leadership there have been many days when I wake up and say “I don’t recognize my country anymore”  We seem to abandon our allies and cozy up to nations that would like to destroy us. The liberals have done things to harm our economy and want to regulate every pond on every farm and tell you what you can and can’t do with that land you supposedly own. Donald Trump may not be everything that we would like but what he does bring is a sense of optimism that we will start protecting our borders, stop making deals that make no sense and only help those that despise us. In a sense last nights vote I hope is a crack in the so called “progress” that the liberal Progressives tell us we have to have. Personally I think their idea of progress is pushed on our country by a bunch of nincompoops (I love that word) that don’t live in reality.

My best example of that is Nancy Pelosi who every time she speaks seems like an alien that was discarded by some other planet because even they could not tolerate her utter buffoonery .  And to think that woman was EVER third in line for the Presidency. IF that happened I would have wished to be Tom Hanks in Castaway on an island far far away from anyplace that had to endure her nonsense. So in ending my hat is off to the Brits. You got it right last night and showed us exactly what the populace of he United States has on its mind for November. Hopefully we will be as smart and not elect a woman that either clearly was deceptive hiding her e mails in a bathroom closet server to escape scrutiny or was completely stupid not realizing she was putting our national security at risk. Either option proves she has no place in the Oval office.

I do think she would make a great guest star on Orange is the New Black serving eggs to the other felons.


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