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One of the more basic of principles from the Scriptures seems lost on many of us if only temporarily. We look to government more and more to pave the way for us to achieve our goals and objectives, as if we cannot succeed without government aid. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are successful as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob deigns to grant an increase in what we have “planted”, our efforts and our energies being rewarded by His blessings.

The totalitarians want us to be dependent on government. I would remind folks that it was government that murdered millions of Jews in Germany, the USSR, took freedoms away from all in many cases and doled it out to their “friends”.  Government will falsely declare that they are there to help, all the while picking and choosing who will be successful and who will be reminded later that those who gained advantage must pay back to government when called upon.

We forget to our peril that it is God that grants the increase. Without his beneficence and grace we can do nothing. We are reminded that we cannot even add a smidgeon of height to ourselves by giving thought to it. We cannot add to the hairs on our heads without His intervention. It then becomes incumbent on us to first recognize where our freedoms come from and then give thanks to God for His provision. If we do not recognize where are freedoms come from we can easily be led in the directions of bowing to government in the acceptance of that supremacy versus the supremacy of God.

Choose you this day whom you will serve – God or mammon. Let us not make the mistake of assuming that government grants the increase when it is God who showers blessings on us in all forms. Government is not our master, but our servant and needs to be reminded daily of its position relative to our freedoms. They serve us, we do not serve them.


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