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Barack Hussein and the Democrats despise America’s military from the Army on down to the Boy Scouts.  They despise anyone who fights for liberty and honor calling them bigots and terrorists.

The Left wouldn’t know righteousness if it landed on their heads, but President Trump knows honor when he sees it and applauds those who choose a life of service.  America’s military, law enforcement, and rescuers serve the nation and humanity, and the Christian organizations of the Boy/Girl Scouts seek to instill that heart of service into young.  The Left sees this as “Hitler Youth,” and Obama sought to impose homosexual and transgender rights on the military along with his spending cuts to weaken America.  His efforts have empowered the Islamic State to renew the Jihad along with the other Communists/Fascists/Nazis of the world against the free peoples of the West.  He has burdened the taxpayers with sex change surgeries for transgenders in the military.  He never once attended the Boy Scouts Jamboree where he was elected honorary President of the organization only because he was elected President by a foolish group of America haters.  President Trump has done away with all of that and the Left has become apoplectic in declaring that he has made America less safe!  How does it endanger America’s national security to not empower people who want an Addadictomy or emasculation to join the military so they can do it on the taxpayer’s dime?  This is exposing liberal insanity to daylight and they are bursting into flames!

Democrats demonize Trump over transgender ban in military

Removing some 7000 service members from the military that want sex change operations that would cost millions restores funds taken away from weapons, equipment, training, salaries, and medical services does not weaken the military, but strengthens it.  Democrat’s social justice engineering to force the nation down to their level and accept extremists as normal, to embrace the sins rather than the sinner at the expense of the average person, is their means by which they corrupt American culture.  Saying anyone who doesn’t want their money to be used for cosmetic surgeries is a bigot is the lowest form of leftist demonization of good people.  God bless President Donald Trump for standing up for righteousness!

The Psychology of the Left

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