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Glory Dawn (Justice Ever-Turning)

Footsteps on the boardwalk, both, distant and near;

Small-talk and laughter while sippin’ a stout beer.

Steam rising past shadows, steady rain pouring down;

As strangers seek refuge throughout my small town.

Raindrops persist falling from the brim of my hat.

I look to-and-fro — a Shiv’r’n wind at my back.

Hear the murmurs and whispers spread the rumors of night;

from darkened stale rooms and flickering candle-lights.

Morning arrives quietly, breakfast cooks on the stove;

A crisp chill in-the-air, like, dawn’s still harbor cove.

New day breaks brightly across the westerly walls,

with ‘justice-ever-turning’ like, the orange leaves of fall.

Ideas rise upwards like hawks on thermal winds,

Does a god who is dead speak of love, truth, and sin?

A cutting-like precision divides autonomous thought;

Freeing purpose and meaning, from the beauty it once sought.

Vengeance ever spreading like a contagious disease;

Some, in their own eyes, do — just as they please.

Like the serpent of old, who intends to deceive;

The philosophies of men betray the souls who believe.

Generations enlightened, the will-to-fiction is spread;

with Humanist fairy-tales, as ‘Uebermensch’ lies dead.

As the towns-people gather along the sides of the street;

Words are exchanged freely, without a rhyme or a beat.

Some, fear the unfolding, coming-on like the night;

Others take it in stride, with great joy and delight.

Though my dogs are a-barkin,’ a sharp ache in my back;

There’s rest and revival, from evil’s vicious attacks.

A hazy sun is sitting on the ridge of the hill.

Warm breeze rustles leaves, on a weathered window sill.

Morning glory dawns, as the garden she tends;

Bright blooming flowers from the care she extends.

iPatriot Contributers


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