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There is a large, leftist/globalist contingent that is opposed to US sovereignty and independence. They are deeply annoyed that we do not “go along” with the mandates of the UN. Without the US, there is no UN. The US today has the role of “world gendarme.” But, on RT Today, President Vladimir Putin said, Russia does not seek a role as the “world gendarme.” So, if the US doesn’t continue that role, the globalists will be hung out to dry. And, it’s about time.

There are two types of people, and nations — the productive and the parasitic. The productive bases their decisions on pride, the parasitic bases their decisions on comfort and convenience.

Every individual or nation, depending on circumstance, is a mix of these two types, but one type normally predominates. For simplicity let’s call one type “the independent” and the other “the parasitic.” To live, survive and thrive, each has a normal behavior. The independent normally seeks to trade value for value. The parasitic normally seeks to trade value for favors, threats, intimidation, force or the good will, naiveté, or stupidity.

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The independent seeks to compete and trade with others for the betterment of both. He seeks to reach agreement through reason and contract. The nature of the relationship he has with others is symbiotic — both benefit from the exchange of value for value.

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The parasitic seeks to avoid competition he uses fear, force or favors to obtain what he whims. He does not seek valid contracts of mutual benefit. The nature of the social relationship he has with others is parasitic — only the parasite gains from the exchange of value for force.

There are both types of people, and both types of governments, represented in “international organizations.” Their very existence is based either on production or parasitism. However, since parasites have evolved through stealth and guile, they have had the time to develop a consistent ideology that promotes and defends parasitism. Marx developed the universal theory of parasitism based on the ideal of mediocrity. The productive does not have a universal theory of independence, but the nature of exchanging value for value is based on the competition of improvement.

Note the profound differences that each mode of behavior imposes, not only on the individual, but on all of society. It is the reason why value for value can only exist when reason and contract prevails. Value in exchange for fear and force can only exist when Marxist socialism prevails. It is also the reason why socialism must, ultimately, fail in any nation that attempts it. When socialism prevails, productive people decline in quality and numbers until only the mediocre remain and decline until there is no one left upon which to feed.

What is true individually is also true for any “consortium” of nations. The socialists will promote their own agenda which is detrimental to individual sovereignty and self determination.

The individualist nation, because of their lack of formal ideology, and their predisposition to seek a mutually beneficial solution, will make compromises which are always detrimental to reason and contract and always beneficial fear and force.

Reason and contract cannot work within the framework of fear and force. That said, there is a valid reason for fear and force, and that is to protect individual inalienable rights. If fear and force is used for any other purpose, individually or as a nation, it inevitably begins to usurp individual rights and parasitism will develop, grow and destroy all elements of good in a society.

Socialism is a theory based on an error. Because of the theoretical error, sooner or later it will become a disaster wherever it is practiced.

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Herman Gazort

Prove everything. Don't rely on me or any "expert." Find truth for yourself. I will give you what I found and try to convince you with proof, information, example and a solid argument, but trust no one. Prove your truth for yourself, by yourself. That is how you can defend it.


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