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When it comes to the nationwide “bathroom issue”, as stated in polite company, ask yourself one question…”how can 0.3% of the population mandate anything?”.  May I help, they cannot.

All they can do is exactly what they are doing…take over the language, take over the national media narrative, make the currently dumbed-down American populace believe that their “cause” is just.  It is the only way for “us” to make ammends for the mistreatment that we have imposed on “them” over the years.  It is the same argument that blacks use to make you think you owe reparations for the slave trade in America’s history.

This element of folks that use our guilt against us is nothing new.  It has only grown in its ability to con the public into buying forgiveness.  Forgivenss for something that never did, and certainly does not now, exist.

If the “Ts” in GLBT are feeling ostricized, they need only look in a mirror.  You, sir, or madam, are 0.3% of the United States population for a reason.  And, as such, you are way outside the “norm”.  Forgive my blunt presentation of facts, but by rearing your head to demand things for which you have no right, you did ask for it.

All of this is not only in support of the Target #boycott, it is in support of driving them completely out of business.  Similar to what the GLBT movement has done to many fine Christian, mom and pop businesses across the country.  You see, we should pick a bigger target (pun intended) to make our point.

This is America.  We are a God-fearing, Christian country founded and sustained on that commitment.  When you rattle our cage too forcefully or without cause, our forgiveness tends to go out the window.  Our ability to forgive and forget gets all tangled up with our patriotism and we tend to respond with overwhelming force.

We should put Target (the stores) completely out of business.  We should transform their “big boxes” into amusement parks depicting the history of the fall of the GLBT movement, complete with a movie theater dedicated to Christian movies, a playground for 97% of American youth and a meeting auditorirum exclusively for patriot organizations.  All of this provided at no charge as a community service to approved organizations.

And, just so you will know, the reference to GLBT instead of LGBT is intentional.  When you say the acronym as a word,  pronounced GLiBiT, it sounds far more representative of the movement.  Small, inconsequential, minutia to be ignored.  Be careful when driving, GLBTs tend to dart in front of moving vehicles.


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