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There was a day when the whole body of German people took themselves and their empire and their destiny with most amazing seriousness. Only a century ago, they strongly believed this! It never would have crossed their minds to run away from their culture in a cowardly “silent migration” to Hungary, along with Muslim-avoiding French and Italians.

A quiet ten decades ago, Germans believed, “To live and expand at the expense of other less meritorious peoples finds its justification in the conviction that we are of all people the most noble and the most pure, destined before others to work for the highest development of humanity.”

Is it possible a hidden remnant of this exists today? Could it become activated into something more than vestigial? Or will we soon see Hungary a new nation of cowards, predominantly speaking German?

A quiet century ago, one German poet spoke of the “German life curing all evils of humanity by mere contact with it.” Where did it go? That is, the glorification of Germany and the German people, and the most extraordinary prophecies as to her wonderful destiny as a World Power…

In America, over 25% of its brave and daring We The People population have been of German heritage. It is provenly inherent in the German mindset to collectively believe, “God has called us to civilise the world. We are the missionaries of human progress.” And that “The German people will be the block of granite on which our Lord will be able to elevate and achieve the civilisation of the world.”

But now, courtesy of the cradle Marxist Angela Merkel, it believes itself hopeless to re-elevate and re-civilise its own country. Endlessly inundated with Muslim rapists and thieves who believe nationalism is forbidden in Islam, Merkel is well pleased with the advancement of her international agenda.

The German great grandfathers and grandmothers – of today’s sniveling cowards, sneaking off to Hungary – believed, “The dominion of German thought can only be extended under the aegis of political power, and unless we act in conformity to this idea we shall be untrue to our great duties toward the human race.”

Indeed, unless they act in conformity to this idea they shall be untrue to their great duties toward the German race. The Satanic conquest of Islam is imminent in secularized liberal Germany! Unless the Sleeping Giant of Germany awakens to who it really is, before it is completely smothered, by a thick blanket of Marxist multiculturalism woven by anti-German Trotsky…

Will President Trump and Vladimir Putin battle for the privilege of rescuing Germany?  Will General James “Mad Dog”Mattis be the new General Patton to put Europe aright?  It’s interesting the very name of the legendary Marine Corps General Mattis is… the German form of Matthias.  The name of one who takes himself  and America and our destiny with most amazing seriousness.


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