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“No Foreign Entanglements!”

In his famous farewell to the nation, when taking leave of the presidency in 1796, George Washington, concerned for the welfare of America, included three momentous admonitions: At all costs, preserve the unity of our nation; remain free from foreign entanglements; and under all circumstances, cling fast to our Constitution.


But weak and amoral politicians today have woven a veil of disrespect for these words of President Washington. Pleading the cause of international brotherhood – while in reality they plead the cause of international banking – these false leaders veered the ship of state from the deep waters of sane nationalism, into the shallows of communism and socialism, and finally into the swamp President-elect Trump has pledged to drain!


Globalists who defied “No Foreign Entanglements” arrogantly subscribed to the tenets of the Enlightenment, essentially alleging that progress would continue as long as there was expansion (which the thriving economies of Switzerland and Japan proved false) and an unlimited access to natural and mineral resources (which has always been in America but the cadres of communism, like Soros, over government, closed them down, restricting them, to keep demand and prices criminally high for their maximized profits).


This they did not just with America but around the world. Haiti is extremely rich in mineral resources but survival-of-the-fittest internationalists kept it in squalor.


Indeed, defiance of “No Foreign Entanglements!” is the very soil of endless corruption! With the aid of technology, this globalist manure is spread to thicken an un-weeded garden, while destroying American sovereignty and freedoms.


Foreign entanglements include:

  • The world-govt. cashless system ready to go in Brussels for only 2.5 billion global accounts. To implement this foreign entanglement there must be a de-population of 5 billion worldwide. America’s final freedom, cash, globalists say, must become obsolete.
  • The globalist Masonic infrastructure in American towns and cities is subversive and seditious. The 1924 Chicago-published Masonic Encyclopedia reveals, “Every lodge is a miniature Temple; every lodge member is a Temple worker.” The excavated Temple in Jerusalem, for centuries a Masonic goal, is slated to be a symbolic hub for globalist world government.
  • The Rothschild international banking cartel control of the US Dept of Treasury is a dangerous foreign entanglement. For too long, the Secretary of the Treasury has clandestinely served this cabal! And all internationalist Illuminati spies in the Treasury Dept. (one known personally by Vigileaks) must be eliminated.
  • Oil, gold and silver in the USA are abundant and plentiful. These are not to be available to foreign interests. For years, coal has been loaded into trains, every 15 minutes speeding to the west coast to load coal on communist Chinese COSCO ships, to the delight of America-hating globalist billionaire Maurice Strong.
  • No longer are American farms and ranches to be sold to foreign interests with American-sounding names, like the “California Corporation” the communist democrat Tom Harkin welcomed into the Midwest – let alone to Communist Chinese individuals who are not American citizens.
  • Endless foreign wars for the profiteering Military/Industrial Complex and Federal Reserve – a relationship openly admitted in Obama’s National Defense Act – are completely unacceptable foreign entanglements.
  • American Congressmen and Senators traveling overseas to be coached by globalist socialist Javier Solana – at American taxpayer expense – need to be reminded: “No Foreign Entanglements!” Indeed, this should be included in their very oath of office!  Importantly, this refers to political entanglements, while Washington does allow for commercial perspectives which benefit America.
  • Encroaching, incremental Sharia Law is a foreign entanglement worming its way through western civilization. This grows like a cancer in parts of cities, counties, states and nationally.  Meanwhile, it remains a growing fad among American teens and young adults to routinely be swayed by Al Jazeera on their cell phones and computers – while America retains a serious dearth of civics books for the schools!
  • Marxist multiculturalism Trotsky style is a domestic foreign entanglement. Losing True North by Candice Malcolm gives direct and indirect warnings, providing President Trump a solid case for a northern wall needed as crucially as a southern wall!
  • Smug globalist realtors in Florida, or any state, with no allegiance to America, should not be allowed to traitorously sell out American-owned farms, ranches, businesses and properties to foreigners. This personal short-term gain for America’s long-term pain must be condemned!
  • The Darknet – 97% of the Internet for internationalist criminals on all levels to access – is a foreign entanglement, even more dangerous with the criminal UN in control of the Internet. This is a 21st century foreign entanglement which must be permanently dealt an effective “draining the swamp” blow.  Indeed, the entire UN plan to abolish freedom – with its foreign UN soldiers and regional police – must end.
  • Things like the $17 billion per annum stolen by NYC Russian mafia from medicare and medical insurance must be curbed. While foreigners have been stealing from America covertly, foreign privatization has been stealing from America “legally” to steadily erode American sovereignty.


When we say “No Foreign Entanglements!” we are saying “Protectionist America!” When we hear “Isolationist America” spreading false guilt, it is the globalists propagandizing to profiteer from foreign entanglements, as they seek to de-nationalize America and make it one more sordid colony.


The communist-globalist propaganda term “Isolationist America” seeks the moral high ground over Washington’s “No Foreign Entanglements” and produces a national false guilt. All new American civics books endorsed by President Donald Trump should keep updated examples in its revisions.


Let the wise words of President Washington be emblazoned on every heart! “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake…”  Yes, be jealous for your farms, your ranches, your acreages, your businesses, your customers, your society, your culture, your Republic, your American way of life!


In Washington’s day, all liberties gained by all the heroes of the past were assembled together. For the first time in the history of civilization, the ideals of all governments had been achieved. It was Washington’s function to weld them together in one solid chain which history shall refer to as the Constitution of the United States. This glorious torch of the classically welding Washington is passed to President Trump and is burning brightly!


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