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George Soros will Have to Hire Six Times More Protesters and pay them five times more money to get the “job” done in Arizona.

Gov. Doug Ducey, fed up with troublemakers in the streets, signed into law a piece of legislation that will cost a traffic blocking protester $2,500 in fine and 6 month in jail, compare with the 30 days and $500 currently. The law will take effect in August. This “good news” probably will not bother billionaire Soros who wants Hillary back in White House so badly. Also, the government may report a drastically increase of number of people who got occupied with something (block traffic en route to political rallies and government meetings) during this pre-election time … Sadly to them, it’s just a seasonal job.

The legislation also prevents public colleges and universities from restricting “noncommercial expressive activity,” that was the original plan for the bill, HB 2548. The limitation of free speech at a public institution is not only immoral, but absolutely unconstitutional. “These bills protect free speech throughout our college campuses and also ensure an individual’s right to engage in free speech isn’t shut down by someone else who disagrees with his or her perspective,” Ducey said.

And who are they who disagree? is a left-wing advocacy group founded in 1998 with the initial purpose of trying to pressure Congress to censure President Bill Clinton and “move on” instead of impeaching him for the Monica Lewinsky affair. Since then, they have taken up the mantle of “progressive” causes. MoveOn includes a “Political Action” organization that focuses on electing liberal candidates and a “Civic Action” organization that mobilizes left-wing activists at the grassroots level, as they did with the anti-Trump Chicago protests. Far left activist and billionaire George Soros is the group’s most prominent financial backer.

Thanks to Gov. Doug Ducey, Arizona’s chapter of MoveOrg will get fatter checks from “daddy” starting from August 6.


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