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Soros-Backed Cal-Exit is a Leftist Movement to Form California as its Own Nation!  Mocking American Unity and President Trump!


As we await the magnanimous and epic Inauguration of President Donald Trump, King Soros moves quickly for “Globalism not Americanism!” Indeed, the puppet master has his puppets in fast motion! Puppets moving at dangerously accelerated rates! Twisting, turning, entangling, sprintig across the stage – until President Trump calls a halt to the whole ludicrous show!


What do bi-partisan nationalists Putin and Trump have in common? Easy! They are afflicted 24/7 with the King Soros Puppet Show!


What Soros attempts for the Ukraine he attempts for California! The Communist criminal Soros boasts his billionaire ilk for each! Ukraine is west of Russia and California is west of the rest of America.  Soros destines both to be Communist. 


The Ukraine, salivated over by Khazarian Soros, was nearly destroyed in 1932-1933, when millions of farmers, amidst plenty, starved to death as their food supply was exported.  Today, as Soros feverishly funds CalExit, America could lose around one sixth of its vital food supply to the Communist Chinese!
All because Soros wants to de-nationalize and bring all to rubble Alinsky style, then “rebuild” with the tyranny of the New World Order.


If President Putin and President Trump cannot stand up to this, no one can!


And today’s Star of the King Soros Puppet Show is California Governor Jerry Brown. While American children are not laughing and applauding, the Communist Chinese are! There is little doubt We The People will insist the first act to follow our beloved Presidential Inauguration is the immediate arrest of California’s Soros-proclaimed dictator Jerry Brown!


California Soviet Socialists Republic is now a totalitarian state. Courageous researcher Paul Preston warns, “With all the Regionalism programs in place now, they basically diluted and dissolved city and county elected officials.”


Regional boards of authority in California now levy taxes and fines in Soviet-style government. “Soviet translated into English means Regional. The dictator is Gov. Jerry Brown. California is progressively more unsafe and unstable.” Jerry Brown, already in his fourth term as governor, will have been in 16 years.


This is disturbingly associative of Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad – now appointed Ambassador to China – who served as Freemason-globalist governor for two consecutive and six total terms! Note the strong Chinese affinities of these two TPP-supportung governors! Branstad needs to be denied this new role in the upcoming Senate confirmation hearings!


Yes, while Soviet does mean “regional,” it is important to understand Communist is more to the point than Soviet. Vigileaks owns entire books written by Communists solely on the subject of Regionalism. Soros wants Regionalism worldwide, as well as for California and Ukraine. King Soros wants America divided into four regions: Chinese, Canadian, EU, and Mexican – then sub-divided with lesser regions inside these.


In Ukraine, the front for Soros and his Communist billionaire ilk is the smokescreen of “Neo-Nazi resistance” to Russia. Very clever! This provides a steady diet to Fake News. These so-called neo-Nazis are actually a proxy group for globalists, when in reality they work hard for the Communists for globalist control of the Ukraine.


In California, the front for Soros and his Communist billionaire ilk there is the smokescreen of “immigrants, so-called refugees, and the steady influx of Communist Chinese.” The Muslim Brotherhood and La Raza are represented. Entire demographics of the state are filling up with these anti-Americans! And a Cal-Exit Embassy is already, ominously, accepted in Moscow…  A very bad chess move by Putin.


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